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Associations and Organizations

Adventure Cycling Association

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals


Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

Bikes Belong

CyclingSavvy (American Bicycling Education Association)

International Mountain Bicycling Association

League of American Bicyclists

National Bicycle Safety Network

National Center for Safe Routes to School

National Interscholastic Cycling Association

People for Bikes

Rails to Trails Conservancy

Bicycle Enforcement [ back to top ]

Bicycle Crash Investigation by Kirby Beck

Bicycle Law Enforcement: Enforce Laws with Mutual Respect (PDF) by Kirby Beck 

Cycling Savvy's Cycilng Law Page, by American Bicycling Education Association

Cyclists' Strategies for Working with Law Enforcement (three-part video series) by Kirby Beck

Enforce Bicycle Riding Laws by Kirby Beck

Enforcement:  The Final Frontier (PDF) by League of American Bicyclists

Florida Bicycle Law Enforcement Guide 2012 (PDF)

How Cyclists Can Get Police to Take On-Bike Video Footage Seriously, by Robert Annis, Bicycling Magazine

Increasing Safety Through Traffic Enforcement PowerPoint Presentation, by IACP

Making the Case for Bicycle Enforcement by Kirby Beck

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center – Enforcement Info

Practical Tips for Enforcement-Based Education

YouTube Bike Enforcement Video Playlist

Articles and Reports [ back to top ]

A Right to the Road:  Understanding Bicycle Safety by Governors Highway Safety Association (PDF)

Bicycle Safety Education for Kids by Tom Sipin

Bicyclists May Use the Full Lane by Carlton Reid, Forbes Magazine

Did History & Law Really Intend for Cyclists to Ride Far to the Right? by Kirby Beck

Every Bicyclist Counts by the League of American Bicyclists

How Far to the Right Should You Ride? by Megan Hottman

How to Fit a Bicycle Helmet

NHTSA Pedalcyclist Traffic Safety Report 2011 (PDF)

NHTSA Pedalcyclist Traffic Safety Report 2012 (PDF)

NHTSA Pedalcyclist Traffic Safety Report 2013 (PDF)

NHTSA Pedalcyclist Traffic Safety Report 2014 (PDF)

Sidewalks:  Cruising into the Danger Zone by Kirby Beck

Things I Have Learned About Cycling: Advice from a Bicycling Consultant by Kirby Beck

Youth Bicycle Safety Education by Kirby Beck 

What Cyclists Need to Learn About Trucks by Kirby Beck

Information Clearinghouses [ back to top ]

Bicycling Life

Federal Highway Administration Cycling Resources

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Cycling Resources

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center – Bicycling Info

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center – Walking Info

Province of Manitoba Bicycle Safety Information Center

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Cycling Resources

Publications and Products [ back to top ]

Bicycling Street Smarts for Adults

Bike Safely for Adults (PDF)

Bike Sense:  British Columbia Bicycle Operators Manual (PDF)

Delaware Department of Transportation Bicycle Safety Brochure - English - PolishSpanish - Romanian - Russian

From A to Z by Bike (PDF)

I Cycle Safely for Kids (PDF)

National Child Safety Council Bicycle Safety Materials

NHTSA Bicycle Crash Prevention for Kids and Teens

NHTSA Bicycle Tips for Parents in English and Spanish 

NHTSA Walk and Bike Safety for ESL - Students and Teachers (2 PDFs)

Rad Rider Safety Stunt Cyclist

Rodeo Guides/Training Materials [ back to top ]

American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Bikeology Curriculum for Grades 6-12

League of American Bicyclists Ride Smart Videos

National Center for Safe Routes to School Rodeo Guide (PDF)

NHSTA Cycling Skills Clinic 

Safe Routes to School Marin County Rodeo Guide (PDF)