Cyclists’ Strategies for Working with Law Enforcement

A three-part video series by Kirby Beck, PCI #002T/EMSCI #017T

In this series of videos, Kirby Beck – retired police officer, instructor and trainer with the International Police Mountain Bike Association – gives a comprehensive overview of cycling law enforcement. 

In Part 1, Beck:

  • Takes us through the fascinating history of cops on bikes, from the early police officers who stopped speeding horses, to the bike-based rapid response team that kept anarchists from burning St. Paul during the Republican National Convention.
  • Provides an amusing look back at 1970s cop show Adam 12, in which the protagonists clock a neighborhood cyclist at 45 mph. 
  • Gives an overview of the current state of enforcement of bicycle law – or lack thereof.

In Part 2, Beck explains:

  • What police mean when they describe something as a “problem”
  • How to effectively report incidents to 911
  • How to deal with police citations (step one: stay calm!)

In Part 3, Beck explains:

  • What police need to learn
  • How to get heard by your local police department
  • Why changes in police departments need to come from the top
  • Plus: why you need the AAA on your side.

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