IPMBA Annual Conference

Confirmation Materials

2019 IPMBA Conference Confirmation Materials

Thank you for registering for the 29th Annual IPMBA Conference.  Download the conference handouts here (coming soon).  

The confirmation materials appear on this page as downloadable PDFs.  If you have any difficulty accessing the documents or if you have any questions, please email events@ipmba.org or call 410-744-2400. Please be patient.  These are large files containing a wealth of information. 

If you have registered for an IPMBA Course, download the packet specific to that course.

IPMBA Instructor Course Confirmation Materials (April 8-12, 2019)

IPMBA Maintenance Officer Course Confirmation Materials (April 8-12, 2019)

IPMBA Police-EMS-Security Cyclist Course Confirmation Materials (April 8-11, 2019)

IPMBA Bicycle Response Team Training Confirmation Materials (April 8-10, 2019)

IPMBA Police-EMS-Security-Cyclist II Course Confirmation Materials (April 8-10, 2019)

If you have registered for the Workshops Only option, download the packet specific to the conference. 

IPMBA Conference Confirmation Materials (April 11-13, 2019)

All packets contain logistical information, clothing and equipment requirements, specific workshop needs, a map, etc. 

They also contain the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).  Please complete the PAR-Q (and the medical clearance form only if you respond "yes" to any of the questions on the PAR-Q) and return it to the IPMBA office via mail or fax (410-744-5504).  If you are flying and would like airport shuttle service, you must complete this form by March 31, 2019.  If you need trailer parking, you must email events@ipmba.org by March 31. 

How to Pack a Bicycle for Shipping, Courtesy Bike Flights

If you have registered as an exhibitor, download the packet for exhibitors. 

IPMBA Conference Exhibitor Confirmation Materials (April 10-12, 2019) - coming soon!  

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