IPMBA Annual Conference

Confirmation Materials

2017 IPMBA Conference Confirmation Materials

Thank you for registering for the 27th Annual IPMBA Conference. To download a program, click here

The confirmation materials appear on this page as downloadable PDFs.  If you have any difficulty accessing the documents or if you have any questions, please email events@ipmba.org or call 410-744-2400. Please be patient.  These are large files containing a wealth of information. 

If you have registered for an IPMBA Course, download the packet specific to that course.

IPMBA Instructor Course Confirmation Materials (June 5-9, 2017)

IPMBA Maintenance Officer Course Confirmation Materials (June 5-9, 2017)

IPMBA Police-EMS-Security Cyclist Course Confirmation Materials (June 5-8, 2017)

IPMBA Bicycle Response Team Training Confirmation Materials (June 5-7, 2017)

IPMBA Police-EMS-Security-Cyclist II Course Confirmation Materials (June 5-7, 2017)

If you have registered for the Workshops Only option, download the packet specific to the conference. 

IPMBA Conference Confirmation Materials (June 8-10, 2017)

All packets contain logistical information, clothing and equipment requirements, specific workshop needs, a downtown map, optional tours, etc. 

They also contain the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire).  Please complete the PAR-Q (and the medical clearance form only if you respond "yes" to any of the questions on the PAR-Q) and return it to the IPMBA office via mail or fax (410-744-5504).

How to Pack a Bicycle for Shipping, Courtesy Bike Flights

If you have registered as an exhibitor, download the packet for exhibitors. 

IPMBA Conference Exhibitor Confirmation Materials (June 7-9, 2017)

For more information about all the fun things to see and do, visit Delaware, Ohio!