IPMBA Instructor Course Graduates

IPMBA Instructor Course Graduates

Congratulations to the following individuals for successfully completing the IPMBA Instructor Course, October 21-25, 2013, in Tempe, Arizona.  Welcome to the Instructor Cadre!

Sarah Alvarez, Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque NM; Donovan Billingsley, Arizona State University Police Department, Tempe AZ; Andy Campbell, University of Utah Police Department, Salt Lake City UT; Kenny Fears, Atlanta Fire Department, Atlanta GA; Katie Fuchtman, Arizona State University Police, Tempe AZ; Robert Giago, Casino Arizona Security, Scottsdale AZ; Robert Heil, Grand Junction Police Department, Grand Junction CO; Seizen Ikeda, Casino Arizona Security, Scottsdale AZ; Samuel Maes, Auraria Police Department, Denver CO; Ryan Morley, Tempe Police Department, Tempe AZ; Wes Odom, City of Surprise Fire Dept., Surprise AZ; Randy Robichaud, Buckeye Police Department, Buckeye AZ; Charles Rojo, Grand Junction Police Department, Grand Junction CO; Daniel Safsten, Scottsdale Police Department, Scottsdale AZ; Brad Sousley, Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake, Taylorsville UT; James Wannow, Wichita Police Department, Wichita KS; Casey Ward, Aspen Police Department, Aspen CO; Darce Weil, Colorado State Patrol, Denver CO.

Many thanks to Sgt. Larry Fuchtman and the Arizona State University Police Department for hosting the IPMBA Instructor Course.  

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