Maryland Bicycle Enforcement Training Video

Maryland Bicycle Enforcement Training Video

The Maryland State Police, in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Transportation, has recently released a DVD entitled The Law Enforcement Role in Bicycle Safety.  To quote narrator John Brandt, this 33-minute video is designed to enhance the safety of bicyclists and other road users, help officers identify and enforce illegal behaviors most likely to cause traffic crashes between bicyclists and motorists, and assist officers in the investigation and reporting of crashes involving bicyclists.  

While specific to the laws of Maryland, this video is also a valuable training tool for law enforcement officers in other jurisdictions as well as to cyclists. The video can be viewed at the IPMBAVid YouTube Channel, along with other bicycle enforcement videos (including the original The Law is for All, narrated by Kirby Beck), on the Bicycle Enforcement playlist, http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2ADDFF9F7226ABF3.  

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