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Administration [ back to top ]

Bicycle Patrols:  An Under-Utilized Resource (PDF) by Chris Menton

Bike Patrol, Health & Safety:  Equipment Implications by Mitch Trujillo and Donald Reed

Blugold research aims to improve police officers' health, quality of life (external vest carrier study) by Judy Berthiaume (story); Glen Mabie (video)

Designing Two-Wheeled Fleets by TJ Richardson (PDF)

Chandler Police Department Bike Team Testing Process by Scott Picquet

Firearms Training for Police Cyclists by Lou Ann Hamblin

How (and Why) To Set up a Bike Patrol Unit, by Doug Wyllie,

How to Join a Bicycle Unit, by Christian Bailey

How to Start a Bicycle Patrol Unit, by Mark Kariya,

IPMBA-IACP Bicycle Patrol Model Policy and Concepts and Issues Paper 2014 by IPMBA and the IACP National Law Enforcement Policy Center

No-nose Saddles for Preventing Genital Numbness and Sexual Dysfunction from Occupational Bicycling (PDF) by NIOSH

Partnership Required?  Solos vs Pairs by Kirby Beck

Scott Alm, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. The Lincolnshire Police Pension Board, Defendant-Appellee

Starting a Bike Patrol by Tom Woods

Shawna Gilliam vs Board of Trustees of the City of Pontiac Police Pension Fund, City of Pontiac, IL; April 5, 2018 (PDF)

Up and Rolling: Starting or Improving a Police Bike Unit by Kirby Beck (PDF)

Use of Force:  The Impact of Your Bike by Michael A. Wear

Why Bike Training for Police? by Kirby Beck

Bicycle Response Teams [ back to top ]

Bicycle Response Team Triumphs at 2008 RNC by Tony Holte

Bicycle Response Teams Key to Success by Maureen Becker

Bicycles for Crowd Control (PDF) by Christian Bailey

Doing it Right in Denver:  The DNC and the Colorado State Patrol by Valerie Silva

Final Four 2011:  VCU Police Use Bicycle Teams to Quell Riots by Kyle Frail

Good Guys and Bad Guys on the Streets of Philly by Bob Lonsberry

LAPD's Bicycle Rapid Response Team by Don Hudson

Police Bicycle Use in Crowd Control Situations by Michael Goetz

Police Bikes Controlling Demonstrations:  Keeping Things in Balance (PDF) by Chris Offer and Bert Rainey

Police Response to Mass Demonstrations:  Promising Practices and Lessons Learned (PDF) by Police Executive Research Forum (see pages 4, 8, 11, 26, 69, and 71 for BRT references)

Training for Bike Unit Supervisors by Jim Dyment (PDF)

Two-Wheel Rapid Response (PDF) by Kirby Beck

We Trained and Worked Hard to Protect and Serve by Paul Iovino

Campus Operations [ back to top ]

How Bike Patrols Can Improve Campus Safety by Kirby Beck (PDF)

Sustaining a Bike Unit by Kurt Feavel

Community Oriented Policing [ back to top ]

 A Day in the Life of a Bicycle Cop, by Evan Coward

Bike Patrol Improves Communications, Fosters Relationships, by Adrienne Zimmer,

Pedaling into Community Policing by Christopher Davala

Patrol Operations [ back to top ]

2014 IACP Conference Presentation on Bike Patrol by Lee Benson, S. Michael Murphy, and Jason Schiffer

Beyond Community Policing:  The Crime-Fighting Effectiveness of the Police Cyclist by Kathleen Vonk

Defensive and Force Tactics for Bicycle Patrol by Martin Day (PDF)

Races and Rides:  Bike Escorts Make a Difference by John Brandt

Reserve Officers on Bikes by Gene Williams

Trail Patrol: A Proactive Approach to Public Safety by Danny McCullough

Traffic Enforcement [ back to top ]

Traffic Stops:  An Essential Bike Patrol Function by Neil Gallivan

Traffic Stops by Bike in El Cerrito by Shawn Maples