York City school police officers plan group bike ride

By ERIN JAMES, York Dispatch, POSTED:   07/19/2014

There's something about a cop on a bike that puts a community at ease.

While folks might feel anxious around an officer in a car or on foot, "They never have an issue with you when you're on a bike," said Michael Muldrow, chief of the York City School District's new police department.

Using that tidbit of law-enforcement wisdom, Muldrow said, he and his fellow police officers have planned a kid-friendly event designed to promote fitness and positive relationships between local cops, educators and the community they serve.

"We knew we wanted to do something that tied in fitness," Muldrow said. "We're just hoping to get a big, gigantic turnout."

The event is a group bike ride on the York County Heritage Rail Trail, followed by a picnic at the district's administration building, 31 N. Pershing Ave. The trail's northern terminus is across the street from the district building.

Bikers will leave the administration building about 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 9, and ride about 30 minutes south to Brillhart Station, then turn around.

Before the ride, police will offer to check the safety of kids' bikes.

Police officers from several York County departments, including York City, will join the ride. So will district teachers and administrators, including Superintendent Eric Holmes.

In an effort to improve district security — and the district's image — the York City school board voted in December to create the police department.

The plan was not without controversy, as some worried about the prospect of more weapons being introduced into the school environment.

The district's officers carry pepper spray and Tasers but not firearms. The district has also retained the services of two York City Police officers who patrol school grounds during the academic year.

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