Shorts shrift for bikes cops in the Bathurst cold

27 Jun 2017, 11:30 a.m, the Western Advocate

ON YOUR BIKE: Bicycle police have hit the street in Bathurst today. Photo: CHIFLEY LAC FACEBOOK

THIS morning’s subzero temperatures in Bathurst have not deterred bike police who are out patrolling the local area.

The bike cops are not a regular sight on Bathurst’s streets and they stood out more than usual wearing shorts as the mercury remained below zero at 9am after dropping to a low of -4.3 degrees overnight.

Chifley local area command welcomed the bike cops back to town by issuing a number of road safety tips for local cyclists:

·       Use your head – protect your noggin with a helmet. Cyclists who wear a helmet reduce injury by an estimated 60 per cent. Helmets must meet federal safety standards and should be securely fitted.

·       Ride single file in the direction of traffic.

·       Wear bright-coloured clothing to help other road users see you.

·       Know your bike’s capabilities.

·       Make sure your bike has reflectors front and rear.

·       A horn/bell and a rear mirror are also recommended.

·       Ensure your brakes are in good working order.

·       If riding at night, wear a reflective vest.

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