San Diego Sheriffs Department MTB Search and Rescue Team

Watch this amazing feature on the Sheriff's Search and Rescue (SAR) Mountain Bike Team.

A mountain bike is a versatile and useful piece of equipment for transporting the rider and enhancing certain types of Search and Rescue operations. The rider is also a trained SAR person so they can always dismount and operate as a searcher, rescuer, medic or team leader. Mountain bikes can travel where cars and trucks do not have access for faster transfer of gear or medical supplies. Mountain bikes are also very quiet, allowing riders to listen for sounds from a lost person. These abilities make a mountain bike a valuable tool for wilderness and urban Search and Rescue operations.

The Sheriff’s Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer unit. Together, they perform wilderness and urban rescues and search for missing and at-risk persons. Teams are available 24 hours a day to respond to local, state and federal agency requests.


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