Riverside tells Dovecot bobbies ‘on your bike’

Bikes paid for by housing association Riverside will help police quickly get to the scene of reported anti-social behaviour incidents in Dovecot’s pedestrianized areas.

Riverside gifted local police the bikes, worth over £600, after an increase in reported anti-social behaviour incidents. Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables and Regular Officers will regularly patrol the areas on foot, in vehicles and now on bikes.

PC Andy Lester is happy to get on his bike: “We hope the increased high-visibility policing on the new bikes provides both reassurance to the public in the area, and a deterrent to further criminal damage and behaviour. The bikes will also help us gather evidence to support criminal and civil proceedings.”

Over recent months there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour reported around Dovecot areas. The bikes are just the latest in an on-going campaign by Riverside to reduce nuisance behaviour in their communities.

Riverside lead Director for anti-social behavior, Tom McGuire, explains: “We do all we can to assist in reducing on anti-social behaviour in our communities including encouraging reporting of incidents. Working together with our tenants and local partners, we want to reduce anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods and improve many residents’ lives as a result.”

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