Return of the Lakewood Police bike patrol

SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 BY CITY OF LAKEWOOD, The Suburban Times

Lakewood WA -- If you’ve attended the summer concert series or were out during National Night Out last month, you might have seen some of the Lakewood Police Department’s officers on bicycle patrol.

The department has had a bike patrol unit as part of its regular patrol unit since its establishment in 2004, but the number of officers on bikes has waned over the years for various reasons.

Recently there was interest in starting up the bike patrol again, and a number of officers expressed a desire to resurrect it. They recently completed training and will soon incorporate bike riding into their patrol routines.

Expect to see some of our Lakewood officers on bicycles at upcoming city events like the concert at Fort Steilacoom Park this Tuesday (Sept. 11, 2018), Truck and Tractor Day (Oct. 13, 2018) and around some of our patrol districts like the Lakewood Towne Center. Having officers on bikes is advantageous for officers to reach areas they can’t otherwise reach by car or as quickly on foot. It also allows them to connect with residents because they are more approachable.

So, if you see officers on bikes please stop them to say hello, ask questions or just chat for a bit.

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