Retired police deputy enjoys eBikes

By Jennifer Mitchell, Yucaipa Times Mirror, June 2, 2018

Retired law enforcement officer, Clint Sandusky, stops by the News Mirror office to show off his Trek eBike.

As a child, Clint Sandusky of Yucaipa, enjoyed riding his bike to school. At such a young age, he had not realized the love that would grow from it.

“I have been riding bikes most of my life, first as a child enjoying riding my bike to elementary school and then as a Press Enterprise newspaper boy on my bike,” said Sandusky. “I eventually bought my first mountain bike and immediately fell in love with it.”

Sandusky served as a law enforcement officer for 24 years with both the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Riverside Community College District Police Department. While working with the college, Sandusky served as the department’s bike team coordinator.

He has been a member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association since 1994 and is even a former instructor. “I have been a California POST-certified Bike Patrol Instructor since 1994 as well and I currently help teach bike patrol courses for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department,” he said.

Beginning in 1999, Sandusky has competed in the USA Cycling amateur cross-country mountain bike races and is now a Category 2 amateur mountain bike racer. He travels and races all around the western United States.

Also, in 1999, he began competing in the Police and Fire Games. He competes in the mountain bike cross-country events and has taken part in two World Police and Fire Games. “The first world games I attended was in 2001 in New York City and then I participated again in Los Angeles in 2017,” said Sandusky.

Currently, you can find Sandusky volunteering his time as a coach for the Yucaipa High School Mountain Bike Team. “I have been coaching since 2016, helping when I can,” said Sandusky.

His latest passion is eBikes. He has ridden various eBikes at Interbike trade shows, at home and at a 2017 Sheriff’s Bike Patrol Course. “I have read countless articles on eBike use, both for the general public and law enforcement.” In case you do not know what an eBike is, “It is an electric bicycle that is equipped with fully operable pedals and an electric motor. In simple terms, an eBike with its electric motor is meant to augment human power, not replace it,” he continued.

These bikes are becoming more well-known as they are being ridden for recreation, races and now even by some public safety agencies. The eBikes come in different varieties, depending on what one’s purpose for it is.

When asked what he thought the future of eBikes might be, Sandusky said, “As Europe, China, Israel and beyond have already experienced, eBike use in the U.S. is increasing and I believe will continue to do so. They are fun to ride, and more and more people are using them to run errands, commute, train on and even race with. With the increased speed and range, these eBikes offer, I strongly believe, more cycling in traffic education and training needs to take place to keep all users of the road and off road safe.”

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