Rapid City officers are now on bike patrol

By Meredith James | KOTA TV, June 9, 2018

RAPID CITY S.D. (KOTA TV) - Now that the warm weather is here, there's something heating up for the Rapid City Police Department, bike patrol. The Rapid City bike patrol officers train for at least a week to be ready to hit the streets.

The Rapid City police department has used bike patrol officers for nearly 20 years. They say bikes are smaller and more convenient to navigate through the city.

"We're not riding to get somewhere, we're riding to make contact with the people, to be visible. We're able to quickly move through traffic if we have to, to get to a call," says Kyle Akers, a Rapid City Police Bike Patrol Officer.

For Bike Patrol Officers, this is a way to interact with the public in a different way, especially downtown.

"It's not just to contact offenders we're also contacting people that work down there people that are shopping down there, they like to see us. I think it’s really important they see that aspect of us other than just when we're just arresting somebody," says Akers.

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