Police to fight crime on bikes

Published on 07 December 2013, West Sussex County Times

Electric bikes with a top speed of 25mph could be issued to police across the Horsham district.

It is planned that ten police community support officers (PCSOs) will have the new mode of transport in the coming months.

Inspector Clare McKnight, who is championing the scheme locally, said the idea was ‘fantastic’ and hopes it will bridge the gap between having a police car and walking.

The bikes cost between £1,200 and £1,800. The price fluctuates depending on the weight of each PCSO.

“For me, ensuring we are accessible to the public is the most significant thing,” said the inspector.

“There’s an opportunity to fill the gap between having a vehicle and people walking.

“It enables the local neighbourhood policing team to get around the district in an effective manner whilst being very accessible to the community.”

Insp McKnight revealed the news at the annual Neighbourhood Watch Horsham district meeting on Monday night (December 2).

Officers in the Horsham district cover a 203 square mile area. The majority is rural.

During the presentation at the Capitol Theatre the inspector said statistically it would take 28 years to become a victim of crime in the district - regarded as being one of the safest in West Sussex.

There are an average of 13 crimes per day and two burglaries every three days.

She compared this to the amount of crimes tackled by the Met per day in London which stands at an average of 2,312.

The inspector advised Neighbourhood Watch members that being crime conscious at home is about ‘balancing everything up’.

She said: “I have been to a house fire where two people have been dead at the door because the house was too secure to get out of. We don’t want to frighten [residents] out of their minds, but we want them to protect their properties.”

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