Police cyclists out to target troublemakers

by Katie Cameron, 7th Jan 2014 9:00 AM, Warwick Daily News, Australia

A NEW bikie group has been formed in town - but not to fear, the members are here to keep law and order.

Stanthorpe police have formed a bike squad, where officers on pushbikes will ride around town, keeping an eye on things.

Stanthorpe officer-in-charge Mark Ireland said "police on bikes" was an initiative to increase the high visibility of police in the area.

"It is to stop mainly the trivial offences downtown and along creek banks where youth are congregating and creating disturbances," he said.

"The patrol will be during the day but we will also be starting Friday and Saturday night patrols.

"In the peak backpacker season, we also tend to get a bit of trouble along the parkways and creeks with backpackers drinking.

"We're looking at trying to prevent that by getting a bike squad."

Snr Sgt Ireland said the bike squad would be hitting the streets whenever trained staff were available.

"Police can be more accessible to areas like the Red Bridge and will also be there to check along the creek and stop truants throughout the day," he said.

The bike squad will likely be the first responders to any jobs around Stanthorpe's CBD.

"We will have them for a few months patrolling the area in the warmer season," Snr Sgt Ireland said.

"In winter it tends to go a bit quiet when the backpackers leave and other people tend to stay inside more."

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