POC Trabec Helmet

POC Trabec Helmet

by Charlie Summers, PCI #512
Illinois State University Police Department
IPMBA Industry Liaison

POC, the Swedish based gravity sport protection company, came to Interbike in 2011 with their new Trabec series helmets in two versions:  the Trabec Race and the Trabec.  I was fortunate enough to have a friend who became a POC dealer at the time of the helmet launch, and he got one for me.  After wearing this model through both summer and fall, I have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best helmets I have put on my head.  Maybe not the best-looking helmet, but certainly one of the best performing.  Then again, I will go for protection any day over looks!

The POC Trabec is designed to extend down the neck for added protection.  It uses aramid* filaments combined with an in-mold Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam liner for maximum protection.  The outer shell is constructed of a three layer polycarbonate shell which is seamless in the most vulnerable areas of the helmet, bonded for maximum strength, and also lightweight.  The design of the helmet makes it look a bit chunky while sitting on your head but it is designed to protect your head from an impact.

The Trabec has 16 air vents which allow air to flow well through the helmet on the hot summer days, even though its design makes it look like it wouldn’t.  The interior pads work very well in wicking away moisture and are very comfortable.  The straps are very soft and easy to adjust.  To help hold the helmet in place, POC uses a locking system which is easily adjusted for proper fit (helmets are available in sizes XS-S, M-L, and XL-XXL).  The visor on the helmet is also adjustable and can be removed if you wish.

The one drawback with the helmet was the price.  The Trabec’s MSRP is $139.99, which doesn’t fit in with most of our budgets. However, if you surf on the web you can pick one up for less. 

This is POC’s first run at the XC market style helmet and they have produced a quality helmet which offers great overall protection and is very comfortable.  For more information or to find a dealer, visit www.pocsports.com.   

*Aramid:  any of a group of lightweight but very strong heat-resistant synthetic aromatic polyamide materials that are fashioned into fibers, filaments, or sheets and used especially in textiles and plastics.  DuPont’s Kevlar® is an aramid. 

Charlie is the sergeant responsible for ILSTU Police Department’s bike patrol.  He was certified as an IPMBA Police Cyclist in 1998 and an IPMBA Instructor in 2001.  He serves as industry liaison on the IPMBA Board of Directors and can be reached at cesumme@ilstu.edu.

(c) 2013 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Winter 2013 issue of IPMBA News. 

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