Motorists, bicyclists share rights to road

Thursday, March 6, 2014, the Columbus Dispatch

With due respect for letter writer J.I. Lykins (“Harsh sentence in fatality was unnecessary,” Feb. 27), the “harsh” sentence handed out for the death of cyclist Bob Lennon was not about bad cycling or cycling choices. It was about a driver crushing a man to death from behind and leaving him to lie alongside the road as though he was of no importance.

However, to address a few points in the letter, all users of the roads have the same laws, responsibilities and rights, be they semitrailers, cars, motorcycles, Amish buggies, farmers, pedestrians or bicycles.

When a motorist overtakes a bicycle on a narrow road, the cyclist may take the entire lane. The motorist is required to follow and may pass only if the cyclist is riding at less than half the speed limit and if the car can pass without endangering anyone.

The delay rarely is more than a few seconds. Are some people really in that big of a hurry that they cannot slow briefly for the safety of another human being? Are they skilled enough to pass? Bicycle trails don’t go everywhere and all roads except freeways are open to cyclists. Motorists are required to take their turn, just like everyone else.


Retired post commander

State Highway Patrol Athens

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