Mobile Edge: Bring it On

by Jared Williams, PCI #1214
Tacoma (WA) Police Department

The Mobile Edge UrgentPower is a universal smartphone battery for backup power.  When connected to your mobile device, it provides additional hours of run time.  It comes with a USB charging cable, Apple 30-pin connector, and Micro USB & Mini USB connectors, making it compatible with most smart phones,  e-readers, tablets/iPads and iPods.  The UrgentPower can be recharged from the USB port on a laptop or any USB AC power source. 

Like so many other people, I rely heavily on my mobile devices, so I was eager to give it a try. 

2600mAh battery, provides up to 10 hours of additional run time for iPhones and Smartphones, and up to 300 hours of additional run time for iPods and e-readers.

Prior to use, the instructions direct you to charge it for a full 24 hours.  The instructions also state: “to ensure the greatest battery life, fully charge the battery at least once every six months.”
The battery unit is sleek and small, a cylindrical tube approximately 1” diameter and approximately 4” long. It can easily be stored in a pocket, briefcase, or saddle bag. 


Each of the following three tests begin with the Mobile Edge fully charged.

Test 1:  Samsung Galaxy S3
I began the Galaxy S3 test with 20% battery life – the point when most devices will advise of a low battery.  My Galaxy S3 acts as my mobile     wi-fi hotspot when I am working, so  I left the hotspot on during the test.    I plugged in the Mobile Edge charger, which immediately began charging my S3.  The Mobile Edge charged the phone to more than 90% battery life in about 2.5 hours before it died.  This would easily allow for another 7-8 hours of phone use under my normal circumstances. 

Test 2:  iPhone 5c
I tested the Mobile Edge on my iPhone 5c.  I used an Apple USB charging cable for direct connectivity with my iPhone.  When I plugged in the device, my iPhone’s battery life was at 64%.  This little device only took an hour to bring my iPhone’s battery to a full charge – pretty impressive.

Test #3:  Kindle Fire HD
Finally, I tested the device on a tablet – specifically a Kindle Fire HD.  The battery life on the Kindle at the start of the charge was 13%.  I allowed the  Mobile Edge to charge as long as it was able, bringing the battery life on my Kindle to 55%.

Sleek and small, easy to carry along
Multiple adapters for different phones

No iPhone 5 adapter
Very short USB cable (approx. 10”)
Not waterproof (no rubber seals on end caps)

I am a big fan of this device.  It is easily tucked into a pocket or stored in a saddle bag (just be aware that it doesn’t appear to be waterproof).  If you are on the go, particularly if you are full-time bike patrol, this device can easily add hours of life to your mobile electronic devices.  I can’t speak for the longevity of the Mobile Edge, as I just haven’t had it long enough or used it enough times to say how long it will continue to hold a charge and perform well.  But, for a price of around $30-40, it is a nice bit of added insurance.

Mobile Edge participates in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, offering 15% off retail prices.  Contact Matthew Olivolo at social@mobileedge.com or call 714-399-1410 for the coupon code.  Visit www.mobileedge.com for more information.   

Jared is a nine-year veteran of the Tacoma Police Department, currently assigned as a Community Liaison Officer.  Jared loves to get his hands dirty and can often be found obsessing over the mechanical state of his bike.  He can be reached at jared.williams@cityoftacoma.org.

(c) 2014 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of IPMBA News.

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