IPMBAAA Reunites

IPMBAAA Reunites

In celebration of the 25th Annual IPMBA Conference, founding board member Tom Woods took the initiative to organize a reunion of past board members, with a special emphasis on the founding members.

For those readers who may have missed the Winter 2015 issue of IPMBA News and are mystified by the title of this article, “IPMBAAA” is a term coined by former board member Joe Martin in reference to himself and his fellow former board members.  “We who once led are now only sheep” is the slogan of this unofficial organization. 

While some of the founding members have continued to attend and/or teach at the conferences since the early days, others have not been a part of an IPMBA event for many years. 

IPMBA was honored to welcome the following founding members to the conference.

  • Allan Howard, PCI #001
  • Kirby Beck, PCI #002
  • Stu Bracken, PCI #003
  • Gary Gallinot, PCI #004
  • Gary McLaughlin, PCI #005
  • Joe Martin, PCI #006
  • Tom Woods, PCI #010

We were also pleased that Shanda Woods, Athena Bracken, and Kathy Martin were able to join us for this special occasion.

In addition to the founding members, the following past board members were also in attendance, either as instructors or as guests.

  • Artie Gonzales, PCI #141
  • T.J. Richardson, PCI #139
  • Mitch Trujillo, PCI #244
  • Kathleen Vonk, PCI #042

While most of the reunion time was spent in socializing, playing “golf”, gathering around the pool, and sampling the culinary delights of downtown Chandler, the founding members volunteered to assist as spotters and course marshals for the competition.  Regrettably, they all declined to participate in their special category.  In their role as spotters, however, they helped prevent the “Workers’ Compensation Memorial Bridge” from claiming any victims. 

The founding members also participated in the Awards Ceremony, handing out medals to the winners and sharing stories about the uncertainty, excitement, challenges, and triumphs of championing police cycling and police cyclist training, and transforming the grand idea of IPMBA into reality. 

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