IPMBA Police on Bikes Conference — Cincinnati-Style

IPMBA Police on Bikes Conference — Cincinnati-Style

By Sgt. David Simpson, Conference Chairman
Cincinnati Police Division (OH)

To all who attended, sponsored, staffed, or assisted with the conference in any way, I want to say “thank you!”  To say we had a great time would be an understatement.  Great training, great ideas traded, great friends made…and we were just lucky enough to have it all here in Cincinnati!  Despite the sketchy times just a few weeks before the conference, IPMBA and its members trusted us to take care of the business at hand and still give our best shot at hosting the event, and we appreciate your trust.  All in all, I would say the conference was a success. 

This conference could not have gone so smoothly without those people who worked ungodly hours and performed duties way outside of their job descriptions – the Cincinnati Red Shirts.  To Lt. Dennis Meyer, Sgt. Doug Wiesman, P.S. Nate Young, P.S. Mike Drexelius, and P.O. Tim Bley of the Cincinnati Police Division (CPD), and P.O. Roger Nelms of the Cincinnati/No. Kentucky International Airport Police:  I will never be able to truly show my gratitude to you guys, but thanks and I love you.  To the rest of the CPD Bike Patrol:  you were all terrific.  You did everything that was asked of you, really stepping up and making us look good, thanks! 

Many thanks, too, to the IPMBA board and staff.  There was an incredible partnership between IPMBA and the CPD.  The IPMBA board members worked with us and were always willing to help; program manager Keith Lorenz worked long, hard hours and was always there to solve problems; and executive director Maureen Becker went above and beyond the call of duty.  As a result, this was one of the most organized conferences I’ve ever experienced.  Thanks to all of you. 

I want to close by saying that our hospitality did not end with the conference.  If you are ever in Cincinnati, look us up.     — Ride Safe!

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