Hero Kit: Save the Day

by David Hekel, San Dieguito River Park (CA) Mountain Bike Patrol

I first saw an ad for the Hero Kit in the back of the September 2013 edition of Mountain Bike Action.  Since I run a mountain bike patrol for the park where I work, I am always looking for ways to condense the tools we use on the trails to a manageable package.  There’s nothing worse than hitting the trails and experiencing a mechanical, only to find you don’t have the right tools or know-how to fix it.  That’s where the Hero Kit really shines.  Not only does it give you tools to fix the most common problems on the trail, it also gives you a 24-page field repair instruction manual to explain how to properly use all those tools.

The Hero Kit comes in a sealable waterproof bag for mountain or road bike that slips perfectly into the back of your jersey pocket or bike pack.  The full model comes with a 12-function multi-tool, chain tool, tire levers, master link, cleat and frame bolts, zip-ties, duct tape, gear cable, water purification tablet, patch kit, toilet paper and easy-to-follow instructions – all for $40.  You can also get the same kit minus the multi-tool and tire levers for $20.  This is a nice option for those of us who already have some tools and tire levers.

In the year since I have had the Hero Kit, I have used most of the items in it.  The zip-ties were used to re-attach a light back onto a bike after a crash on a night ride.  The cleat bolt was used to replace one that was lost on the trail during a race.  All the tire patches were used in one sitting to repair a rear tire with multiple punctures.  The handy toilet wipes were used to clean up a friend’s leg after a crash, and the master link repaired a chain.  All of these situations would have resulted in someone (typically me) being stranded or forced to walk back to the nearest trail head.  This kit has given me more confidence when riding, period.

The kit has been a great tool for myself and my volunteer patrollers and one that I would highly recommend to others.  I know that if any of my patrollers come across any park users having difficulties on the trail that they will have the right tools and guidance at their fingertips.  This is a must for every rider from expert to novice.  Like they say, “Be the Hero on your ride!” 

Hero Kit participates in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, offering 25% off retail.  For more information or to order visit hero kit.com or email Jason Berv at jason@herokit.com.

David Hekel has been the Senior Park Ranger for the San Dieguito River Park for the last 15 years.  He has patrolled the more than 65 miles of trails in his park for the last five years by mountain bike and is the founder of the San Dieguito River Park volunteer mountain bike patrol.  The patrol has put in more than 500 hours on the trails in a little over 13 months and this year received the California Trails and Greenways Merit Award for their service.  He can be reached at david@sdrp.org.

Photos courtesy David Hekel.

(c) 2014 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of IPMBA News. 

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