Giordana Shorts:  Unsurpassed Comfort

by Brad Miller, PCI# 928
Lewisburg PD (PA)
IPMBA Industry Relations Committee

Un migliore amico dei ciclisti!  Roughly translated, that’s Italian for “A cyclist’s best friend!”  That’s what can be said about Giordana’s Fusion cycling shorts.  Because of their superior comfort and quality, these shorts are undoubtedly a cyclist’s best friend.
If you are reading this article, I am certain that you understand the importance of high-quality padded shorts.  Many of us were never informed about this piece of riding gear, which can transform an uncomfortable experience into a joyful ride.  However, with experience comes knowledge.  It doesn’t take long to learn how essential comfortable padded shorts are to the public safety cyclist who spends 8-12 hours a day on the saddle.

So once you realize the importance of padded shorts, which ones do you choose? There are many so many choices!  Over the years, I have tried many different styles and have been satisfied with most.  But then I was introduced to Gita Sporting Goods and their fine line of Italian clothing from Giordana.  Specifically, a pair of padded shorts called “Fusion”, which can only be described as heavenly comfort.

Let me take a moment to explain why these “Fusion” shorts are different from others.  Giordana begins construction by utilizing a fabric known as “Moxie”.  Moxie is a 200 gram nylon/spandex fabric that is treated to facilitate moisture evaporation and keep you cool and dry during activity.  Some of the other features include silicone-injected gripper elastic at the cuffs, which holds the shorts perfectly in place throughout the cycling range of motion.  The shorts are available with Giordana’s standard men’s MC-3 OmniForm™ insert, a seamless, one-piece chamois that stretches with body movements and returns to its original state when at rest.  The channels that are molded into the chamois allow it to move with you without bunching, and also allow it to be sewn into the garment while keeping the seams away from your body.  This insert is handmade in-house at Giordana’s factory in Italy.  There are no hard edges like those caused by using heat-molding processes used by other companies.  This technique ensures superior comfort and protection on even the longest rides.

Wow!  That’s a lot of technology to absorb!  So what does all that mean to you?  First of all, comfort.  Just as Giordana claimed, there was no grabbing, pinching or uncomfortable bunching.  Never before have I worn padded shorts that actually feel like second skin. That is, never before I tried Fusion shorts.  Even after wearing them during numerous eight-hour shifts, the shorts remained comfortable.  They formed to my body and almost literally became a second layer of padded skin.  I don’t often say this, but you just have to try these to appreciate them. 

While you are at it, don’t forget that Gita Sporting Goods offers a full line of Giordana bicycling clothes.  Shorts, shirts, jackets and more can be found on Gita Sporting Goods webpage.  Gita Sporting Goods is a proud supporter of IPMBA and is a participant in our Product Purchase Program, offering 10% off Giordana clothing & Gommitalia road bike tires.  For more information and to place orders, check out Gita Sporting Goods at https://www.gitabike.com.  I can promise that you will not be disappointed in their quality and comfort.

Brad is an IPMBA PC instructor and has been a police cyclist since 2002.  He has been a life long cyclist and can be found riding trails in the Appalachian Mountains in central Pennsylvania.  He can be reached at ofcbrad@hotmail.com.

© 2010 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of IPMBA News.

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