First aiders are in the fast lane to offer support

Photo:  Members of St John Ambulance's cycle team pictured James Goulding, Lee Howe, Michelle Cohen and Simon Dunne.

Yorkshire Evening Post, July 9, 2014

This team of lifesavers are gearing up to keep summer spectators safe across the country.

The cycle response unit from St John Ambulance are on hand to help thousands of spectators at events across the region.

And they were recently part of an army of first aiders to help the legions of Tour de France fans in Yorkshire at the weekend.

Their extra training helps them to get on the road and be the first at incidents to offer support.

They can often be spotted around the courses of races and they are calling on more people to learn to be a lifesaver.

Lee Howe, who heads up the team in Ossett, said: “We are a small unit of volunteers with extra training to work on the bikes and we support other first aiders at events that can be difficult for road access.

“The team are quite effective because if roads are full of pedestrians during events our bikes help us to navigate our way around.

“We cover so many different types of events and we need to be ready to do anything.”
Lee, who is 21, first joined St John Ambulance in 2002 and he currently works with the Ambulance service in the control room in Wakefield.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has teamed up with St John Ambulance to teach first aid to 500 people as part of our First Aid For All campaign.

Lee, from Beeston, added: “Just knowing the difference really does help and if you are able to do something before or during a call to 999 you are effectively saving a life until the ambulance arrives.

“First aid is a skill that is easy to learn.”

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