Excellence in the Exhibit Hall

Excellence in the Exhibit Hall

IPMBA appreciates the support of companies who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in outfitting public safety cyclists. 

Everyone enjoys novelty, so it was exciting to welcome a number of “first-timers” to the fold. 

Cygolite, long a member of the Product Purchase Program and a Corporate Member, joined us in person for the first time.  As the sponsor of the night operations portions of the Police Cyclist, EMS Cyclist, and Instructor Courses as well as the Night Operations workshop, they provided 16 demo units for attendees to experience.  One might say they made the conference experience a little bit brighter! 

Speaking of lights, 425 Inc., well-represented by Racine police officer Chad Stillman, brought the Guardian Angel to the table.  The Guardian Angel is a wearable mini-light designed specifically with officer safety in mind. 

A different type of security was on display at the ABUS Mobile Security booth.  ABUS, a German company, specializes in all forms of security, including an array of locks, such as the folding lock reviewed on page 18 of this issue.   Attentus Medical Sales sponsored the Self-Aid/Buddy-Aid workshops.  Represented by IPMBA-trained EMS Cyclist Eric Seymour, Attentus is a distributor of emergency medical supplies, including trauma kits and QuikClot. 

Instant energy was available at the CeraSport booth, where gluten- and sugar-free, rice-based electrolyte replenishment products were on offer.  DutySmith was displaying an innovative duty belt system that provides officers with greater flexibility in equipment placement, a feature bike officers appreciate due to the unique demands of the cycling position and pedaling motion. 

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) joined us to promote the establishment of mountain bike programs in high schools.  Such programs not only offer an alternative to “traditional” sports, they can be effective in channeling the energy of at-risk youth into more productive channels.  Partnering with police agencies can be rewarding for both the students and the police officers. 

While Police-Security Expo is not new to IPMBA, as IPMBA has a booth at the Atlantic City show every year, this is the first time that they have come to the IPMBA Conference.  Police-Security Expo offers a trade show filled with every imaginable product for law enforcement and security personnel. 

IPMBA is often a testing and proving ground for new companies and/or new products, and this year was no different.  TRM Sales Management conducted some market research to gauge the feasibility of developing an EMS backpack specifically for use by bike medics. 

ZOLL Medical Corporation displayed AEDs both as part of their continued effort to equip police officers with AEDs as they are often first on scene and because of their commitment to providing top-of-the-line equipment to EMS providers. 

While first-time exhibitors bring novelty into the exhibit hall, the commitment to excellence by long-time, repeat exhibitors cannot be overlooked.  These companies attend the conference year after year, for better and for worse, in destinations nearby and far away. 

Our Corporate Members really stood out this year.  Bratwear outfitted the Command Staff in snazzy blue-and-gold polos that really made them stand out in the crowd.  MOCEAN sponsored the exhibit hall reception AND supplied warm-weather friendly tan/khaki shirts for the Instructors.  Police Bike Store supplied all attendees with a means of staying “hydrated” - the pint glasses were one of the most popular items in the welcome bags. 

The Safariland Group was out in force, and generously donated a Safariland-Kona patrol bike to be raffled.  It raised $690 for IPMBA programs and made Edmond “Jake” Jacobs of DHS/Federal Protective Services in Boston MA, a very happy man.  Volcanic Bicycles owner Eric Kackley was often found in the bike check, providing on-site mechanical support to those in need of repairs.  When he wasn’t there, Randy Myhre of Oliver’s Cycles took over the shop. 

Other repeat exhibitors were 4Bike-Police.com, Haix North America, ISM Saddles, Kryptonite (sponsor of Dude, Where’s My Bike?), My Police Stuff, and National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO).  In addition to exhibiting, ISM Saddles generously made warehouse space available for the dozens of boxes shipped to the conference. 

Once again, attendees were given welcome bags provided by R&B Fabrications.  These were stuffed with ABUS pens, CeraSport electrolytes, NLEOMF Ride and Run to Remember can koozies, QwikShower wipes, RAND Momentum rip-and-drip lubes, IPMBA-custom Whistles for Life, Volcanic neck wallets, and ProGold lube.   ProGold and RAND also provided supplies for the Maintenance Officer Course and maintenance workshops.

The silent auction raised about $1000 to support IPMBA’s programs, a tidy sum, but unfortunately less than previous years.  Times are still tough. We thank our contributors, who donated a vast array of items, and, of course, the bidders.  Products were provided by:  425, 4Bike-Police, ABUS, Attentus, Bar Mitts, Bernie Hogancamp, Bratwear, Cane Creek, Cycle Aware, Cygolite, Ergon USA, HeroKit, Holster Light, iFORCE, ISM, James Englert, Kryptonite, My Police Stuff, Mobile Edge, NICA, Olympic Uniform, Pat Hernandez, Patrol Bike Systems, Police Bike Store, PrestaCycle, ProGold, R&B Fabrications, John E. Reid Seminars, Sock Guy, Street Crimes Seminars, ZOLL, and Zoic.

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