Driver’s creative excuse after caught on phone by police

By Mel Buttigieg, Yahoo7 News,  March 12th, 2018

Photo:  The fine issued to the law-breaking motorist. Source: Eyewatch - Wyndham Police Service Area / Facebook

Wyndham, Australia - Police officers are used to hearing excuses from motorists trying to talk their way out of a fine, but one driver stopped in Melbourne's west gave a rather original reason for breaking the law.

A “sizeable number" of tickets were issued to motorists during a mobile phone blitz at the weekend as police pulled vehicles over near Werribee's Synnot Street.

One of those caught texting while driving resorted to flattery to try and get out of the hefty fine, although officers were unsympathetic.

"Wyndham North bicycle patrol has been out & about on the weekend, responding to crime, patrolling the streets, shopping precincts and also doing some traffic enforcement," the local cops shared to Facebook on Monday.

A photograph of the fine showed a rather modern excuse for texting while driving, with the caption: "It would appear everyone has a excuse to 'use' their phone."

Taking a punt on trying to avoid being fined hundreds of dollars, the fine recipient apparently told the officer: "I was Snapchatting you to my friend because I've never seen police on bikes before."

Apparently, the excuse "didn't wash with our guys" according to the Eyewatch - Wyndham Police Service Area Facebook post.

Sharing a picture of the fine, the officers warned: "DON'T SNAPCHAT THE POLICE WHILST DRIVING."

Many have found the humour in the Wyndham Police Service's public service announcement, with one commenting: "When you get a closer experience than you bargained for. Never seen them, has now met them."

Another wrote: "Dont worry too much, I am sure they will have children that the next generation will find just as amusing."

According to the VicRoads website, the penalties for using a mobile phone while driving are four demerit points and a $476 fine.

"It’s a proven fact that using a mobile phone while driving can be distracting. Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds or more doubles your crash risk," the road authority warned

"Looking at or touching a device at the same time as being in control of a vehicle is particularly dangerous."

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