Deputy fires at Tanger Outlets shoplifting suspect during chase in Delaware County

by MEGHAN MATTHEWS, WBNS 10TV, August 10, 2017

A woman caught stealing at the Tanger Outlets in Delaware County is being charged with several crimes, including robbery.

The incident led to a police chase and shots fired on Tuesday night. Police say it also sheds light on a growing problem in the area, shoplifting.

At a popular place to shop, some people aren't. Investigators say they're just taking what they want.

"I do come here a lot. It's a really nice place and I just can't believe that that's happening a lot," shopper Brooklyn Keaton said.

Theft has become such a problem at the Tanger Outlets the Delaware County Sheriff's Office put more patrols there.

"We just implemented the bike unit in the last 6 months. About 3 deputies have been trained just for this type of activity," Sheriff Russell Martin said.

Officials say shoplifting is up 80% in Delaware County so far this year, compared to this time last year. They say most of that is attributed to thefts from the Tanger Outlets.

A shoplifting call is what a sheriff's deputy on a bike responded to Tuesday night.

"When suspects do not comply with a deputy's basic orders they make an already difficult job much more difficult," Sheriff Martin said.

Twenty-eight-year-old Alana Hissong knocked over the deputy in the parking lot. She then started driving toward another deputy on foot who, investigators say, felt threatened.

The deputy fired shots at Hissong's truck.

"That's scary that we're in such a nice place and that, that happened," Keaton said.

Hissong took off from the Outlets and crashed her truck about two miles away from where she was arrested.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol charged Hissong with impaired driving, failure to yield, driving under suspension and a seat belt violation.

Hissong will also be charged with robbery and investigators say she already had a warrant out for her arrest for possession of drugs.

"Why did police even bother to chase her? Because you putting other people in danger. It's a few money let it go, you know, and keep every body else safe," shopper Minnie Dukuly said.

While some shoppers don't agree with how the situation was handled at a popular shopping spot, it's still a shock to many that crime is on the rise at the outlets.

"You never know. You really never know with people," Keaton said.

Investigators say most theft crimes are related to drug addictions.

But there is good news in Delaware County. Breaking and entering and burglaries are down 31 percent so far this year.

Hissong is set to appear in court next week. Her bond was set at $125,000.

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