Cycling cops patrol Allendale neighborhood

By Dominique Brogle, KTBS, May 24, 2018

 (SHREVEPORT) - Shreveport Police officers braved the heat today patrolling on bikes through the Allendale neighborhood.

The cycling cops brought the Mobile Command Center, and Shreveport Community Liaison Officers out to Cannan Village Apartments at 8:00 a.m. this morning.

It was all for a grass roots bike operation.

The goal, to talk about recent crimes, and reach out to the community.

Officers say this type of outreach helps strengthen the department's relationship with residents.

Police rode their bikes through the apartments, and on nearby streets.

People told the officers thank you, some even shared tips about recent crimes.

"A lot of the complaints we hear, they don't see the police enough. So, we really want the people to know we are out there. You may not see us all the time, but we are out there, and that's what you know, we want to portray today. We're here, you know, we're here, and we do care about your community," Sgt. Gregory Washington.

The manager of Cannan Village Apartments says seeing the officers on and near the property today makes a difference.

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