Cycle patrolling of Delhi Police gone for a toss

By Prateek Chauhan, Tribune News Service, New Delhi, April 8

The plan of the Delhi Police, which purchased 65 high-end bicycles for Rs 10,000 each for patrolling in the trans-Yamuna area, has gone for a toss.

The trans-Yamuna considered most crowded locality and beat officers use to face problems even patrolling on bikes due to immense traffic and congested by-lanes.

A resident of Krishna Nagar said, “Initially for a few days we could see female and male officials patrolling the area, but soon all bicycle patrolling ended. Since then, I have not seen any official on the bicycle.”

Police chief Amulya Patnaik started the bicycle patrolling. He had said that soon the scheme will further be adopted by other parts of the city as well and the policemen will be seen patrolling on bicycles. But no bicycle patrolling has been noticed by the residents of trans-Yamuna.

A Geeta Colony resident, Amar Singh (name changed), said, “The idea was brilliant but why it didn’t work nobody knows. For some days, the policemen were seen riding bicycles, but soon it ended. In our area even motorcycles are difficult to ply and in case if police is chasing an accused cycle was the best option.”

Minister of State (Home) Hansraj Gaga Ram Ahir, who flagged off the bicycle patrolling team, said, “The idea came to the Minister of Home, Rajnath Singh, as BSF personnel also patrol on bicycles and he asked me to do something in the line for the Delhi Police also. Seeing the condition of Delhi which is most of the time crowded, such patrolling will be useful by these eco-friendly cycles.”

Patnaik had said during the launch of the patrolling in May 2017 that in order to prevent street crimes the policemen, who are patrolling parks and market streets which are otherwise inaccessible by motorcycles, cycles will be an added advantage. 

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