Cops On Bikes

Posted: Wed 10:57 AM, May 07, 2014; By: Mike McKnight, WOWT-NBC, Omaha NE

The police bike patrol is now rolling and seems to be having an impact at a city park south of the metro.

Cassgram reported on issues at Rhylander Park last year and the same things started happening this year once the weather warmed up—minor vandalism to city property  and unruly behavior and foul language by young people, disrupting the enjoyment of the park by families and others who follow the rules.

That prompted Plattsmouth Police Chief Steve Rathman to put officers on bicycle duty at the park the last couple of weekends. It helped, he said. “If those causing the problems don’t like the police patrol at Rhylander it doesn’t hurt my feelings if they leave.”

Rathman hopes the public understands officers can’t be there all the time, but he’s told his department Rhylander Park is a priority.

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