Cops get pedal power for patrol duty

The Times of India,  June 13, 2017, 02.48 PM IST

Kolhapur: City police have devised a new method of conducting patrols in a more environment-friendly and effective manner.

A total of 35 bicycles were handed over to beat constables and a rally was held from Dasara Chowk to Gandhi maidan on Monday.

The cops will use bicycle for patrolling the streets. According to a senior police official, the aim is to connect with the people and show their presence across the streets.

Police can now access localities with large population and narrow lanes, where patrol vans and bikes usually cannot reach.

Sanjay Mohite, superintendent of police, Kolhapur said, "The drive aims to connect with people and reach out to them better. When the police patrol on bikes and vans, they are unable to communicate with people on the ground. However, this is likely to change with bicycles. Using this, they can foster good communication with people. This in turn, will help strengthen the bond between the people and the police and increase our network."

The SP said that the regular squads will continue patrolling the city using motorcycles and vans. "Work will be done as usual and this will not create any adverse impact on maintaining law and order in the city," he said.

Apart from increasing police presence on the roads, the drive will also help keep the police force physically fit and active which will also increase our efficiency," he said.

"At present, we have provided five bicycles to each police station in the city and five each to three other police stations in the city. Altogether, 35 bikes have been distributed in the police force. We will soon double the number of bicycles and later extend the provision to other police stations in the district," he said.

Along with increasing the physical fitness of the staff, the drive will also help reduce expenses on petrol and reduce pollution. "It is also green initiative by police force," he said.

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