Competition 2012: Can It Get Any Better?

Competition 2012: Can It Get Any Better?

by Kurt Feavel, PCI #539, University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department (Retired)

Every year I am tasked with the organizing (loosely put) and running of the annual competition and every year I am stunned by what is created to challenge the competitors. This year was no exception.  The competitors faced obstacles that some may have seen in past competitions, but this year, they were taken to a new level.  The creative energies of Tony Holte and Jason Bain of St. Paul were indeed fantastic. Throw in the skills of our very own Bob the Builder (aka Bob Hatcher), and the possibilities are endless!

From the artfully designed raised starting gate, this competition course seemed to challenge some of the competitors right from the start.  The riverfront Kellogg Park offered an array of existing features that enabled a truly unique venue to be established.  The competitors raced across the “Sea of St. Paul”, known locally as a fountain, complete with sea monsters.  Riders raced through a variety of cone courses, up and down ramps and stairs, and then into the most unique patch grabber I have ever seen, made up of eight-foot tall, cut-out letters spelling IPMBA (prior to final assembly)!

The pre-ride safety check was completed by Bob Hatcher and the course was given its final blessing.  Then pros Derrick Maready and Shaums March of MMR took to the course to wow us all with their skill and speed.  Derrick, completing the course on Hans Erdman’s tractor-tire bike completed the course in 1:29.13. Shaums completed the course in a lightning speed of 1:17.69. But wait….it gets better.

Medals were presented to the winners at the competition awards ceremony and dinner, which was graciously hosted at Quality Bicycle Products’ facilities.

In the team category, first place went to Three Men and a Medic (Adam Gaby, Trent Roach, Mike Hudspeth and James Englert), with a combined time of 5:58.64.  They were followed by Super Bad II (Chris Combs, Collins Hopgood, Anthony Lusty and Gregory Ward), with a combined time of 6:13.06. Third place was grabbed by the Lonestar Lunatics (Rebecca Carlile, Jeff Taylor, Bobby Kyle Sellers and Donnie Carr), with a combined time of 6:16.26.

In the open category, featuring our vendors, the only competitor was Eric Kackley of Volcanic with a time of ….. wait for it…..1:12.28, beating Shaums’ time of 1.17.69 to secure the best overall time.

In the Female 30+ category, Lara Bauer grabbed the “gold” with a time of 1:38.45. Second place went to Rebecca Carlile with a close 1:40.40.      

In the Male under 30 category, first place went to Rob Collett with a time of 1:29.80.  Adam Gaby landed the second place medal with a time of 1:31.96.

In the Male 30-39 category, first place was captured by Greg Ward with a time of 1:24.80. Second place was awarded to Kris Conwill with a time of 1:25.32.

In the Male 40-49 category, Calvin Cook aced first place with a time of 1:17.78, which was also the best overall time in the Public Safety Cyclist category.  Chris Combs scored second place with a time of 1:21.91.

In the Male 50+ category, Paul Kultala earned first place with a time of 1:58.27.

Once again our competitors demonstrated their competitive spirit and put on an impressive and entertaining show for the crowd, proving that they really are the best of the best of public safety cycling.

2012 Competition Results


Female 30+
Lara Bauer –1:38.45, University of Minnesota (MN) Police Department
Rebecca Carlile – 1:40.40, Cypress Creek (TX) EMS

Male under 30
Rob Collett – 1:29.80, Poudre Valley (CO) Health System Ambulance
Adam Gaby – 1:31.96, Five Rivers MetroParks (OH) Police Department

Male 30-39
Greg Ward – 1:24.80, Barnes Jewish Hospital (MO) Department of Public Safety
Kris Conwill – 1:25.32, Wooster (OH) Police Department

Male 40-49
Calvin Cook – 1:17.78 **Third Overall, Best Public Safety Category**, Minneapolis (MN) Police Department
Chris Combs – 1:21.91, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Department

Male 50+
Paul Kultala – 1:58.27, Chandler (AZ) Police Department


Three Men and a Medic – 5:58.64
James Englert, Arapahoe County (CO) Sheriffs Office – 1:25.67
Adam Gaby, Three Rivers MetroParks (OH) Police Department – 1:31.96
Mike Hudspeth, Guilford County (NC) Emergency Services – 1:23.20
Trent Roach, Three Rivers MetroParks (OH) Police Department – 1:37.71

Super Bad II – 6:13.06
Chris Combs, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 1:21.91
Collins Hopgood, Barnes Jewish Hospital (MO) Public Safety – 1:38.86
Anthony Lusty, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 1:47.49
Greg Ward, Barnes Jewish Hospital (MO) Public Safety – 1:24.80

Lone Star Lunatics – 6:16.26
Rebecca Carlile, Cypress Creek (TX) EMS – 1:40.40
Donnie Carr, Denton (TX) Police Department – 1:42.29
Bobby Sellers, Cypress Creek (TX) EMS – 1:31.00
Jeff Taylor, Cypress Creek (TX) EMS – 1:22.57


Eric Kackley (Volcanic Bicycles) –1:12.28 **First Overall**


Shaums March – 1:17.69 **Second Overall**
Derrick Maready – 1:29.13

© 2012 IPMBA.  This article appeared in the Summer 2012 issue of IPMBA News.

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