Competition 2011:  Challenge of Challenges

Competition 2011:  Challenge of Challenges

by Kurt Feavel, PCI #539
University of Wisconsin-Madison PD (Retired)

Each year I am amazed by complexity of the competition and the tenacity of the competitors.  This year was no exception.  On a course designed by Tom Woods, Gary McLaughlin and Mike Johnston, the competitors faced some challenges that many have never before seen.  As I walked the course, I was relieved that I was not going to have to tackle the many ramps, turns, stairs, and pallets; the two circles upon raised concrete air circulation vents; and the ubiquitous and infamous teeter-tooter.  I was in awe of the challenge facing our competitors.

Of course, after all the cones had been placed in intricate patterns and the other obstacles precisely placed, someone had to ride it and give it its final blessing.  This somewhat dubious honor fell to Mike Johnston, who did the final safety check, and Mad March Racing’s Derrick Maready, who demonstrated the correct way to ride the obstacles to the eager competitors.  He cruised through the course with ease, making it look so simple that I almost – almost – thought I would step up and give it a try.  Fortunately, my more responsible side took charge and flat out said “NO”.

After the course was declared safe and ready to ride, our exceptional guests Shaums March and Hans “No Way” Rey kicked off the competition with a spirited race.  Shaums completed his run with a time of 1:35.84, earning him the first ever IPMBA “Pro” category first place medal.  Hans completed his run with a time of 1:48.00, earning the red ribbon in that exclusive category.

The competition began at the base of the statue honoring police officers who have given their lives in the line of duty.  Riders threaded their way through snaking lines of cones, encountering surprise after surprise.  The ramps and stacked pallets threw more than one competitor for a loop, but with spotters at the ready, no serious injuries were reported.  How one of our hosts did not break his wrists remains a mystery.  The infamous “slow box” came back to haunt those who thought they’d left it behind after passing the IPMBA course – with a twist. 

The looks of concentration on the faces of the competitors as they gingerly weaved through the bollard-slalom were, as they say, priceless.

A colorful commentary and play-by-play by the dynamic duo of Hans and Shaums kept the competition lively as competitors learned new things about themselves, especially if they had neglected to provide any bona fide autobiographical data. 

The clever repartee continued after the competition as the party relocated to the observation deck atop Richmond’s City Hall.  Vast quantities of barbecue were consumed accompanied by locally brewed beverages and a stupendous view of the city.  Derek Andresen really pulled some strings to enable IPMBA to have the first function on the deck in nearly a decade!

The first medals presented were to pros Shaums and Hans, who then took over the honor of presenting the medals to the rest of the winners.

In the team category, first place went handily to Team Enchanted Steel (the alchemy resulting when you mix the Land of Enchantment with Bethlehem Steel) with a combined time of 7:54.00.  They were followed by Team Two-and-a-Half Men with a combined time of 9:41.00.  Third place was grabbed by Team Super Bad, with a time of 9:45.00.

In the Open category, featuring our vendors, Brad Engbarth of iFORCE Bicycles inched out the competition with a time of 2:04.03.  Eric Kackley of Volcanic Bicycles was right on his wheel (well, not literally) with a time of 2:09.34.  Third place went to Skip Jones of iFORCE, with a time of 2:45.47.

In the women’s 30 – 39 category, Lara Bauer of Team Snowballers (yes, she’s from Minneapolis) had a slight edge with a time of 3:27.83.  Second place went to Team Asheville’s Leslie Torgow with a close 3:31.93.

Evan Coward of Team Asheville tore up the course to capture first place in the men’s under 30 category and third overall, with a time of 1:55.51.  Joshua Rymon of Team Two-and-A-Half Men finished second, at 2:23.20.

In the men’s 30-39 category, first place went to Scott Bixby of Team PANY with a time of 2:05.33.  Second place was awarded to Anthony Martinez of Team Enchanted Steel, who finished in 2:13.23.

The men’s 40-49 category dominated the competition, with overall first place going to soon-to-be Commissioner Jason Schiffer of Team Enchanted Steel.  With a time of 1:43.56, he was mere seconds ahead of the second place finisher, Enchanted Steel teammate Pat Hernandez, who scored a time of 1:46.49. 

There were no slouches in the 50+ category as Jim “JR” Roy of Team Bratwear added yet another medal to his collection with a time of 2:02.11. Second place went to Jim Bulleigh of Team Snowballers (yes, he is from Minneapolis, too), with a time of 2:18.17.

All forty-six riders from eleven teams showed their competitive spirit and put on an impressive and entertaining show for the crowd, once again proving that they are the best of the best of public safety cycling.

2011 IPMBA Competition Results


Female 30-39
Lara Bauer – 3:27.83, University of Minnesota (MN) Police Department (Team Snowballers)
Leslie Torgow – 3:31.93, Asheville (NC) Police Department (Team Asheville)

Male under 30
Evan Coward – 1:55.51  **Third Overall**, Asheville (NC) Police Department (Team Asheville)
Joshua Rymon – 2:23.20, Metropolitan (DC) Police Department (Team Two-and-a-Half Men)

Male 30-39
Scott Bixby – 2:05.33, University of Buffalo (NY) Police Department (Team PANY)
Anthony Martinez – 2:13.23, Albuquerque (NM) Police Department (Team Enchanted Steel)

Male 40-49
Jason Schiffer – 1:43.56  **First Overall**, Bethlehem (PA) Police Department (Team Enchanted Steel)
Pat Hernandez – 1:46.49  **Second Overall**, Albuquerque (NM) Police Department (Team Enchanted Steel)

Male 50+
Jim “J.R.” Roy – 2:02.11, Topeka (KS) Police Department (ret.) (Team Bratwear)
Jim Bulleigh – 2:18.17, Minneapolis (MN) Police Department (Team Snowballers)


Team Enchanted Steel – 7:54.00 
Pat Hernandez, Albuquerque (NM) Police Department – 1:46:49
Anthony Martinez, Albuquerque (NM) Police Department – 2:13:23
Jon Pesesko, Bethlehem (PA) Police Department – 2:12:00
Jason Schiffer, Bethlehem (PA) Police Department – 1:43:56

Team Two-and-a-Half Men — 9:41.00
Tim Garr, Medford (OR) Police Department – 2:53:97
Mike Harris, Mill Creek (WA) Police Department – 2:00:17
Joshua Rymon, Metropolitan (DC) Police Department – 2:23:20
Ghost Rider – 2:25:00

Team Super Bad — 9:45.00
Chris Combs, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 2:26:14
Jim Hill, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 1:52:81
Anthony Lusty, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 2:56:83
Roger Nelms, Boone County (KY) Sheriffs Office – 2:31:83


Brad Engbarth (iFORCE Bicycles) – 2:04.03
Eric Kackley (Volcanic Bicycles) – 2:09.34
Skip Jones (iFORCE Bicycles) – 2:45.47


Shaums March – 1:35.84
Hans Rey – 1:45.00

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