Competition 2008:  Racing into History

Competition 2008:  Racing into History

by Kurt Feavel, PCI #539
University of Wisconsin Police
IPMBA Board of Directors

Every year we gather for some great training, to renew old friendships and make new acquaintances, and take part in the much heralded IPMBA Competition.   This year was no exception.  The location at White River State Park in the city known for speed provided a great venue – alongside the White River Canal with the Indianapolis skyline in the background.

Competition sponsor Volcanic Bicycles was on hand to provide expert mechanical services and energy drinks.  And, of course, so founder Eric Kackley could pit his skills against those of his best customers!  He demonstrated that he knows a thing or two about urban obstacles, placing first in his category and fourth overall.

After the traditional parade from the conference site to the competition site, expertly escorted by members of the IMPD motorcycle unit, we lined up for the conference photo.   We took care of “housekeeping” with the course walk-through and safety briefing, and then the real thrills began.

The excitement started right from out of the gate; down a flight of 12 steps, a quick dash and up a set of five steps, the source of more than one pinch flat.  Throw in a hard left U-turn through some cones followed by another short sprint and a tight S-turn to slow things down.  Come out of the S-turn; hop onto a short platform, down the other side and into another tight cone course. Next up:  three large railroad ties and a decision – ride over them, or serpentine through them?   Then another U-turn and a sprint to a set of three cones for a short serpentine.   Another sprint to a boxed 90-degree left turn, followed by yet another sprint to a three-cone serpentine and finally the finish line and the checkered flag!  Well, OK, we didn’t have a checkered flag, but I’m sure there was one waving in everyone’s imaginations.

This year’s tight course yielded some of the fastest times I have ever seen.  For the second year in a row the competition started on time, and it even ended early, leaving plenty of time to get ready for the post-competition party and awards ceremony.  Participants and conference attendees packed into The Pub, enjoying traditional pub grub and cold beverages while the results were compiled.  Nothing works up an appetite like a good competition course, and the buffet did not last long!

Speaking of results, I have a confession to make.  I screwed up.  As I was tabulating the results for the Male 40-49 age bracket, I missed one.  My apologies to Rob Peterson, Dan Lysholm, and Tommy Hamelink.  Rob completed the race in 1:03 but I totally missed it. As a result, I awarded the first place medal to Tommy Hamelink (1:07.32) and the second place medal to Dan Lysholm (1:08.5).   The actual results for the Male 40-49 are: First Place - Rob Peterson with a time of 1:03 and Second Place – Tommy Hamelink with a time of 1:07.32.  Rob, I’m really not out to get you. I will try to make sure that this does not happen again, especially to you!

Pat Hernandez (:52.75) of Albuquerque PD earned top honors for the second year in a row.  Jason Schiffer (:54.83) of Team Bethlehem took second, and Jason Westbrook (:55.25), also from Albuquerque PD, captured third.  The 30-39 age group is obviously not ready to pass the torch to the “next generation”!   Pat’s and Jason’s times helped lift Team Leezards from last year’s third place to first; bumping two-year reigning champion Team Dezert Ratz into second place.  The Ratz will no doubt attempt to exact their revenge next year on the Leezards’ home turf.

Despite the absence of any EMS cyclists from the list of results, they had a strong showing.   A separate category for EMS no longer exists, but the top two EMS riders deserve a mention.  Congratulations to Matt Lane (1:12.99) and Mike Hudspeth (1:18.44), both of Guilford County EMS in North Carolina.

Congratulations to the 75+ riders who participated in the 2008 IPMBA Competition.  Whether you finished first or last or somewhere in between, you did IPMBA proud!

2008 Competition Results


Team Leezards — 3:51.52
Albuquerque PD:  
Pat Hernandez – :52.75
Anthony Martinez – :59.07
Connor Rice – 1:03.95
Jason Westbrook – :55:25

Team Dezert Ratz — 4:40.84
Las Cruces PD:
Rob Peterson – 1:03
Wallace Downs – 1:13.86
Michael Clifton – 1:11.68
Ken Coburn – 1:12.24

Team Yogi Bears — 4:42.07 
Five Rivers Metroparks PD:
Adam Gaby – 1:09.14
Eric Lane – 1:18.12
Adrian Sargent – 1:10.55
Cincinnati PD:
Alex Hasse – 1:04.26


Male under 30
First Place: Anthony Martinez, Albuquerque PD – :59.07
Second Place:  Connor Rice, Albuquerque PD – 1:03.95

Male 30-39
First Place:  Pat Hernandez, Albuquerque PD – :52.75
Second Place:  Jason Schiffer, Bethlehem PD – :54.83

Male 40-49
First Place:  Rob Peterson, Las Cruces PD – 1:03
Second Place:  Tommy Hamelink, Politie Haaglanden – 1:07.32

Male 50+
First Place:  Ramon Colon, Metropolitan PD (DC) – 1:07.03

Female 30+
First Place:  Melissa Borja, Vienna PD – 1:22.93
Second Place:  Barb Maleski, Cincinnati PD – 1:26.38


First Place:  Eric Kackley, Volcanic Bicycles – :56.99
Second Place:  Sparky Malosh, Hoosier Mountain Bike Association  – 1:53.29

© 2008 IPMBA.  This article appeared in the Summer 2008 issue of IPMBA News.

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