Competition 2005:  Back in Action-It Was a Good Run

Competition 2005:  Back in Action-It Was a Good Run

By Kurt Feavel, PCI #539
University of Wisconsin @ Madison
IPMBA Board of Directors

Overcast skies did nothing to dampen the spirits of the competitors or spectators at the annual IPMBA Competition, held at Eldorado Park in Scottsdale during the 15th Annual Conference.

On the creatively designed course laid out by Officer Chet Anderson of the Scottsdale PD bike unit, the 58 competitors rode over, around, and through a variety of challenging obstacles of the type most have previously only imagined.   

Laid out in an oval surrounding a busy skate park – which provided its own entertainment for the competition spectators – the course began with a set of 12 steps, followed by a quick sprint across a grass field. The competitors then dashed up a dirt embankment and across a concrete pad, making a sharp right turn and descending into the “Rock Garden.”  After negotiating the challenging embankment, riders were required to make another right turn, and almost immediately, climb a set of about 10 steps. 

Then it was down a few steps and a dash across open ground, where three railroad ties awaited.  These were overcome in a variety of ways, including a bicycle “long jump” by one of the Aussies.  On through the now infamous patch collector, over the teeter-totter and onto the final challenge – a modified lock-to-lock – and finally, the finish line.

Despite the several spectacular crashes, as a testament to the great skill displayed by all the competitors, no one was seriously injured and the stand-by ambulance stayed put.

For the first time in noted race history, two competitors finished together when the second racer caught up to the competitor in front in the final cone course.  

Would it have made a difference in the final standings?  Only Team Aussie, Aussie, Aussie #2 and Team Enchantment, finishing less than three seconds apart, know for sure!  It was an unfortunate situation, but the competitors handled it with grace and professionalism, for which the competition coordinator will be eternally grateful!  Future competitors take note:  it won’t happen again. 

Congratulations are due not only to the winners, but to every competitor who faced the challenges presented by the obstacle course – everyone should proud of their accomplishments. 

Speaking of accomplishments, they were celebrated in style at the post-competition dinner and awards ceremony, held at the beautiful Scottsdale Galleria Atrium.  As the mariachi band played, Honey Bears BBQ served up plate after plate of classic Southern barbecue with all the trimmings while the Miller Lite girls poured liquid refreshment.  Medals were awarded to all competition winners, and the raffle prizes from the Special Olympics drawing were handed out. 

Suddenly, an auction broke out.  Grant Reatherford, fast-talking Tennessean and Williamson Medical Center EMS cyclist, grabbed the microphone and the cash started flying.  The winners went home with lighter wallets and all kinds of cool stuff, and the Special Olympics reaped the benefits.   

Everyone is invited to join the fun for what is sure to be another great conference and competition, May 6-13, 2006, in Dayton, Ohio.

2005 Competition Results 


1st Place EMS Team:  London Ambulance – 8:46.53
Tom Lynch, LAS
Paul Davies, LAS
Sean Clarke, LAS
Pat Andrews, LAS

2nd Place EMS Team:  Guilford EMS – 10:57.98
Ed Gaskill, Guilford EMS
Mike Hudspeth, Guilford EMS
Wren Nealy, Cypress Creek EMS
Jeff Taylor, Cypress Creek EMS

1st Place Police Team: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie #2 – 6:42.03
James Tennent, New South Wales Police
Brett Barnes, New South Wales Police
Darren Conradi, Queensland Police
Jon Thompson, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Police

2nd Place Police Team: Team Enchantment – 6:44.65
Wallace Downs, Las Cruces Police
Patrick Hernandez, Albuquerque Police
Lance Shepan, Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office
Rob Peterson, Las Cruces Police


EMS Male 30 - 39
1st Place: Tom Lynch, London Ambulance Service – 1:33.37
2nd Place: Mike Campbell, Williamson Medical Center EMS – 1:56.23

EMS Male 40 +
1st Place: Eldon Karratti, Los Angeles Fire – 1:53.37
2nd Place: Sean Clarke, London Ambulance Service – 2:30.24

Police Male under 30
1st Place: Eric Garza, Prince William County Police – 1:54.57
2nd Place: Brendan Schlegel, Bethlehem Police – 2:57.39

Police Male 30-39
1st Place: Brett Barnes, New South Wales Police – 1:29.47
2nd Place: Patrick Hernandez, Albuquerque Police – 1:32.25

Police Male 40 +
1st Place: Jim Roy, Topeka Police – 1:32.83
2nd Place: Clint Sandusky, Riverside Community College Police – 1:40.23

Police Female under 35
1st Place: Tammy Kilgore-Alois, Coconut Creek Police – 2:47.44
2nd Place: Amber Matthews, Tyler ISD Police – 2:52.48

Police Female 35+
1st Place: Tammy Shoemaker, Huber Heights Police – 2:52.08

(c) 2005 IPMBA.  This article appeared in the Summer 2005 issue of IPMBA News.

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