Competition 2002: Feeling the Burn at 4000 Ft.

Competition 2002: Feeling the Burn at 4000 Ft.

By T.J. Richardson, PCI #139T
San Antonio Police Department
IPMBA Vice President

Congratulations to the winners of the 2002 IPMBA Obstacle Course Competition!  The competition, held on May 11, 2002, was the final event of the 12th Annual IPMBA Conference and a chance for participants to put their newly honed bike skills to the test.  An early morning rainstorm did not put a damper on the enthusiasm of those who registered for the competition. 

Shortly after noon, riders began to gather in front of the Ogden Marriott.  They formed into two columns and set off on a 1.5 mile ride to the competition site at the Big Dee Park – a perfect warm-up.  Sgt. Tony Fox of the Ogden P.D. cleared the way for the riders as they paraded through downtown Odgen to the beginning of the Ogden River Parkway.  The riders made their way down the parkway to one of the most scenic competition sites in IPMBA history.  Surrounded by towering snow-capped mountains, the competitors surveyed the awaiting obstacles.  As the last of the clouds cleared away, the competition got underway. 

Riders started their runs at the top of a ramp.  They went down the ramp, climbed a curb, through a serpentine, up-and-down a teeter-totter, over a wall, and into a sandpit, where they had to cross a double skid.  Next, they crested a six-foot high steep ramp, sped through a 50-foot “badge-grabber” chute and over a small ramp.   But that’s not all – they had to negotiate a maze, a 90-degree turn up a ramp, a limbo bar, and a balance beam.  Then through two more cone courses, over a curb, dismount, over another wall, and sprint to the finish.   

The competition was fierce but friendly, and everyone watched closely to see what would happen.  Would last year’s champions reign?  Or would a virtual unknown emerge as the victor?  Only time would tell. 

When the competition came to an end, the results were quickly tallied by competition coordinator T.J. Richardson of the San Antonio PD and his trusty assistant, Coconut Creek (FL) Officer Tammy Kilgore.  Williamson Medical Center in Franklin, Tenn., was well-represented in the EMS Categories as Mike Fletcher, Steve Denny, and Nick Gatlin grabbed the top spots in the Men’s Under 30, 30-39, and 40+ categories, respectively.  Not to be outdone, Rose Steagall repeated her 2001 victory in the Female category.  Williamson Medical Center dominated the Team Competition as well, with Nick Gatlin and Steve Denny capturing first place and Mike Fletcher and Michael Campbell coming in second. 

No single police department had a lock on the police categories.  Michel Deladoey of the Police of Renens in Switzerland triumphed in the Men’s Under 30 Category, while 2001 overall male champion Jason Schiffer of the Bethlehem PD (PA) captured the top spot in the Men’s 30-39 bracket.  The Men’s 40+ category went to Jim “J.R.” Roy of the Topeka PD (KS).  Alexandria (VA) PD officer Terri Mucci-Rector took the honors in the Women’s division.  

The team victory was won by the Spank-A-Thug team of Darin Zaremba, Medina (OH) PD; Jim “J.R.” Roy, Topeka (KS) PD; David Brady, Alameda County (CA) SO; and Darren Goff, Ogden (UT) PD.  The competition for honors as the fastest overall police officer was tight, but Michel Deladoey just barely edged by Jason Schiffer for the title by 42/100 of a second. With running times of 1:39.24 and 1:39.68 respectively, they blew away the average police individual run time of 2:11.70.  Steve Denny led the EMS crew with a more-than-respectable time of 2:00:76.

Congratulations and thanks to all the participants.  Each of you who completed the course can be proud of what you have accomplished for yourself, your departments, and public safety cycling. 

Thanks, too, to everyone who assisted with the design, set-up, and administration of the competition.  It was a terrific end to a terrific conference.  Special appreciation is due to our fantastic hosts at the Ogden Police Department, who made it all possible. 

The 2003 IPMBA Conference will be held May 22-24, 2003, in Charleston, West Virginia.  See you there! 

2002 Competition Results


First Place EMS Team:  Williamson Medical Center Team 1
Nick Gatlin, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee
Steve Denny, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee

Second Place EMS Team:  Williamson Medical Center Team 3
Michael Fletcher, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee
Michael Campbell, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee

First Place Police Team:  Spank-a-Thug
Darin Zaremba, Medina Police Dept., Ohio
Jim “J.R.” Roy, Topeka Police Dept., Kansas
Dave Brady, Alemeda County Sheriff Dept., California
Darren Goff, Ogden Police Dept., Utah

Second Place Police Team:  The International Police Team
Michel Deladoey, Police of Renens, Switzerland
Roger Pfister, Hilterfingen, Switzerland
Nate Cline, Ogden Police Dept., Utah
Jim Dyment, Seattle Police Dept., Washington


EMS Male under 30
First Place:  Michael Fletcher, Williamson Medical Center, Franklin, Tenn.
Matt Smyer, Baton Rouge EMS, Baton Rouge, LA.

EMS Male 30-39
First Place:Steve Denny, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee
Second Place: Randy Middleton, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee

EMS Male 40+
First Place: Nick Gatlin, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee

EMS Female
First Place: Rose Steagall, Williamson Medical Center, Tennessee

Police Male Under 30
First Place: Michel Deladoey, Police of Renens, Switzerland
Michael Russell, Blue Springs Police Dept., Missouri/Darren Goff, Ogden Police Dept., Utah

Police Male 30-39
First Place: Jason Schiffer, Bethlehem Police Dept., Pennsylvania
Second Place: Darin Zaremba, Medina Police Dept., Ohio

Police Male 40+
First Place: Jim “J.R.” Roy, Topeka Police Dept., Kansas
Second Place: Roger Zawacki, River Forest Police Dept., Illinois

Police Female
First Place: Terri Mucci-Rector, Alexandria Police Dept., Virginia
Second Place:  Michelle Geier, Northwestern Univ. Police Dept., Illinois

(c) 2002 IPMBA.  This article appeared in the Summer 2002 issue of IPMBA News.

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