Competition 2001:  Great Turnout for Mountain Bike Competition

Competition 2001:  Great Turnout for Mountain Bike Competition

The IPMBA Police & EMS on Bikes Obstacle Course and Hill Climb drew a total of 106 contestants, each of whom participated in either one or both of the competitions.  Although no official records have been kept, it would be safe to say that there were at least as many competitors as there were for the 1998 competition in Tacoma, if not more. 

The Hill Climb was something nightmares are made of, and only the serious needed apply.  Contestants started out at near river level, at the bottom of Mount Adams, and then were confronted with block after block of unforgiving elevation, rising 310 feet over just 6/10 of a mile to a breathtaking view of Cincinnati…breathtaking, that was the sound of contestants gasping for oxygen at the top!   All those who started the climb finished it and 12 brave souls were awarded “medal” to show that they had the “mettle.”

The Obstacle Course, held the following day in conjunction with the Flying Piglets Run, (purely coincidental; no reference to police) got off to a slow start, but ended with some mind-blowing runs on the challenging course.  The average time for EMS cyclists was 2:17.08.  Tim Hayward (Troy Fire Department), part of Team Troy Fire/Manatee City EMS, crossed the finish in a scorching 1:27.03, clinching the top spot in the Male EMS Cyclist category.  Rose Steagall (Williamson Medical Center EMS) took top honors as the fastest Female EMS cyclist. 

The average time for police cyclists was just slightly faster, at 2:13.20.  Jason Schiffer (City of Bethlehem PD) proved to be the man of steel, with a time of 1:12.79, coming out of nowhere to blast past some heavy favorites and triumph as the fastest male police officer on the course.  Officer Lou Ann Hamblin (Van Buren Township PD) took the top spot in the Female Police Cyclist category. 

A great deal of thanks are due to all those who participated and those who helped design and run the competition, but a few hard workers deserve special recognition:  Officer Kelly Ratliff (Leawood PD), the human computer, for her flawless scorekeeping; Officer Gary McLaughlin (Sacramento PD) for his help in building a challenging course; and especially Sergeant David Simpson and the rest of the crew from the Cincinnati Police Division, for making the entire event a tremendous success. 

Things to look forward to: some awesome down-hills AND up-hills in Ogden, Utah, May 9-11, 2002. 

‘Til then, remember:  a $2000 bicycle doesn’t make a $2000 rider!

Competition Results


First Place EMS Team: East Baton Rouge EMS
Corey Magill, E. Baton Rouge EMS, Baton Rouge, LA
Bobby Lee, E. Baton Rouge EMS, Baton Rouge, LA

Second Place EMS Team:  Williamson Medical Center EMS
Steve Denny, Williamson Med. Ctr. EMS Franklin, TN
Nick Gatlin, Williamson Med. Ctr. EMS Franklin, TN

Third Place EMS Team:  Troy Fire/Manatee City EMS
Bryan Boren, Manatee City EMS, Bradenton, FL
Tim Haywood, Troy Fire, Troy, OH

First Place Police Team:  Swiss-Kentucky-Kangaroo
Roger Nelms, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport PD, OH
Rob Duncan, Florence PD, Florence, KY
Colin Cooper, Victoria PD, Victoria, Australia
Roger Pfister, Switzerland PD, Hilterfingen, Switzerland

Second Place Police Team:  Pitracer
Ron Jacobs, Gilbert PD, Gilbert, AZ
Mitch Trujillo, Boulder PD, Boulder, CO
Ed Croissant, Tampa PD, Tampa, FL
Darin Zaremba, Medina City PD, Medina City, OH

Third Place Police Team:  City of Bethlehem PD
William Kissner, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem, PA
Jason Schiffer, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem, PA
John Repsher, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem, PA
Anthony Leardi, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem, PA


EMS Male
First Place:  Tim Haywood, Troy Fire, Troy OH
Second Place: Corey Magill, EBR EMS, Baton Rouge LA
Third Place:  Michael Campbell, Williamson Med. Ctr. EMS, Franklin TN

EMS Female
First Place: Rose Steagall (Williamson Med. Ctr. EMS, Franklin TN)

Police Female Under 35
First Place: Kathy Ferenczy, Cincinnati PD, Cincinnati OH

Police Female 35+
Lou Ann Hamblin, Van Buren Twp. Public Safety, Belleville MI (Fastest Female)

Police Male Under 35
First Place: Jason Shiffer, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem PA (Fastest Male)
Second Place: Darin Zaremba, Medina City PD, Medina City OH
Third Place: Phillip Redford, Wheeling PD, Wheeling WV

Police Male 35+
First Place: Mike Adams, Wilkinsburg PD, Wilkinsburg PA
Second Place: Dave Brady, Alameda County S.O., Dublin CA
Third Place: Jim Roy, Topeka PD, Topeka KS


Team Hill Climb Combined Age Under 70
First Place:  John Stebbins/Tim Bley, Cincinnati PD OH
Second Place:  Ron Jacobs, Gilbert PD, AZ; Mitch Trujillo, Boulder PD CO 
Third Place:  Jason Schiffer/Bill Kissner, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem PA

Team Hill Climb Combined Age Over 70
First Place:  Mark Hanner/Lowell Petersen, Omaha PD, Omaha NE
Second Place:  Jim Roy, Topeka  PD, Topeka, KS; Tim Reuss, Northwestern U. PD, Evanston IL
Third Place:  Tony Leardi/Mike Ogrodnick, City of Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem PA

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