Calamvale Police get on their bikes!

By Senior Constable Danielle Bright, my police Centenary, Sep 28, 2018

The Calamvale Police Station has recommenced bike patrols in the local Police Division with Senior Constable Jamie Williams and Constable James Ross deploying for operational bike duties today.

By deploying operational bike patrols, Calamvale Police are able to respond quickly to the community needs and are able to easily manoeuvre through back streets, local parks and bushland.

Officers at Calamvale have undergone a specific skills training course over two days for these deployments.

They are equipped with all of the same operational accoutrements as the officers in our patrol vehicles, but with one major difference – pedal power not horse power.

Bicycle patrols will be a permanent feature in the Calamvale Division and as our officers increase their skill set and proficiency our response time will improve.

As well as operational tasking’s and general patrols, our bike squad will be deployed at local schools, shopping centres and parks to increase our community engagement levels.

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