Branford Police Department to Re-Start Bicycle Patrol Squad

Board of Police Commissioners voted to fund the program at their most recent meeting; see below to see what's involved and the cost.

By Jack Kramer, Patch Staff | Jun 13, 2018 8:21 am ET

BRANFORD, CT - It just takes a quick look around town to notice that there are a lot of bicycles out there - and the number of bikes on the road seem to be growing every day.

Now, you can add two more to that list. And, these two will be driven by members of the Branford Police Department.

At the most recent Board of Police Commissioners meeting, Police Chief Kevin Halloran told the commissioners that he wanted to "resurrect" the department's bicycle patrol squad. Halloran said the bike patrols would be particularly helpful in the area along the shore, in areas such as traffic law enforcement.

He said because the department's current bikes are too old to resurrect the squad, besides training officers on the bikes, new bikes would have to be bought. He estimated the current bikes are more than 20 years old.

And, he explained, the specially equipped police bikes aren't cheap.

He said the bikes themselves cost about $1,000 each. Then, the chief said, you have to add in equipment such as sirens, helmets, special pedals, bags, etc. In total, he said, a properly equipped police bike costs $1,750.

The chief said eventually he'd like to have five or six bikes as part of the department, but for now, understanding budgeting concerns, he asked the commission to only fund two bikes - for a cost of $3,500.

The commission voted unanimously to fund the program.

Photo by Jack Kramer.

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