BioLogic Argus Safety Lights and WeatherCase

by Jared Williams, PCI #1214
Tacoma (WA) Police Department

BioLogic is a company that offers numerous bike accessories.  This review will cover a set of lights and a weather-proof cell phone case. 

Argus Safety Lights

The Argus light system is a compact, front and rear LED lighting system.  The front is white; the rear is red.  Each light contains a pair of CR2032 batteries, which power the LED lights.  The lights are activated by pushing the LED lens.  There are two modes, solid-on and blinking.  The lights consist of a machined aluminum body and use weatherproof seals to keep the water out.  Mounting is simple, utilizing an adjustable rubber strap for attachment to various sizes of seat posts and handlebars.  Once mounted, the lights are adjustable up to 60 degrees to achieve the desired angle.

Upon receiving the lights for testing, I was initially impressed with quality I observed.  They appeared to be solidly built, though I was slightly skeptical of the mounting system.  When I turned on the rear light, I was pleased with the brightness and the ability to toggle through the solid-on and flashing modes.  When I turned on the headlight, it was extremely dim, as though the batteries were dead.  My theory was confirmed when I tried the batteries from the tail light in the headlight, and it powered up bright.  I would not use the white light to see in dark conditions; it is better suited to be utilized to be seen by other riders and/or drivers. 

I contacted BioLogic via the customer service information posted on the website.  I did not identify myself as an IPMBA product reviewer in order to see how the company would respond to any consumer. 

Unfortunately, I was met with rather poor customer service.  I reported my problem with the batteries being dead right out of the packaging.  I even provided the company with the invoice number that was included with the shipment.  The company stated they would be unable to send replacement batteries, instead offering a $5 credit towards any other purchase on the website.  I then explained that I was reviewing the lights for publication in the IPMBA News, and was immediately referred to their public relations department.  The PR department offered to send me a new unit for evaluation.  However, even after I responded with the shipping address for the replacement, I never received it or heard from the company again.  Based on this experience, the BioLogic customer service department needs a bit of work.

I purchased a set of CR2032 batteries from my local grocery store so I could get on with the review.  The light mount utilizes a poorly designed plastic hook and rubber loop.  While the lights mounted with relative ease, they never seemed all that secure.  This was confirmed after my first ride.  After an hour on duty, I looked down and noticed the headlight was missing from my handlebars.  The taillight remained secure on my seat post.

Between the poorly designed mount and the poor customer service, I would have a hard time recommending this light system. 

BioLogic WeatherCase

I have never been a fan of using a bar-mounted phone case on any of my bikes.  If I were a roadie, I might find this more useful.  But for mountain biking and riding on duty, they are not practical and could put your phone at risk of damage.  However, a mountable case could be handy if you utilize a GPS or fitness app while you ride.

That being said, if you’re in the market for a mountable, weatherproof case for your smart phone, the BioLogic WeatherCase is worth a look.  It is available in different models for various sizes of phones.

It is well-constructed and has a sturdy mounting system.  The mount can be permanently secured to various parts of your bike, such as handlebars, stem, or top tube.  The phone case itself uses a locking system to secure to the mount, and it can be easily removed in a few seconds.  The case has a waterproof zipper to keep out water and dirt.  It allows you to use your touch screen and cameras, so removing the phone is not necessary.  However, while the BioLogic WeatherCase protects your phone from the elements, it would likely offer very little protection in the event of a crash. 

This case works as advertised and keeps the elements away from your device.  However, I feel the case and mount were rather bulky, adding to an already cluttered cockpit on my bike.  I don’t think the bulkiness is unique to this particular phone case; I think the bulkiness is something that comes with the territory of having your smart phone mounted to your handlebars.

BioLogic does not participate in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program.  For more information on both of these products, visit www.thinkBioLogic.com.

Jared is currently a Police Patrol Officer for the Tacoma Police Department.  He loves to tinker, and can often be found obsessing of the mechanical state of his bicycles.  Jared is the owner and operator of Piggies On Wheels, LLC, which exists for the purpose of public safety bicycle education.  To learn more, go to https://www.facebook.com/PiggiesOnWheels.  Jared can be reached at jared.williams@ci.tacoma.wa.us.   

(c) 2016 IPMBA.  This review appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of IPMBA News.

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