Behind the Scenes at an IPMBA Conference


Number of attendees:  153 pre-conference; 297 conference
Number of states represented: 38
Countries represented: 5
Most well-represented department:  Police – City of Bethlehem, PA – 10; EMS – Williamson Medical Center, Franklin, TN – 7


Number of instructors:  50, from 19 different states
Number of training hours offered: 176 pre-conference; 149 conference
Number of different workshops offered: 50


Number of hill-climb competitors:  34
Number of obstacle course competitors: 76

Our Hosts

Number of CPD officers detailed to the conference:  63
Number of person-hours worked by CPD officers:  2870
Number of transport vans used: Six mini-vans and two 15-passenger vans
Most “above and beyond” favor by a CPD officer: Washing – and folding – an instructor’s shirts


Number of pounds of chicken served:  425
Amount of Skyline Chili consumed:  350-500 servings
Amount of wings consumed:  16 dozen
Number of pizzas consumed:  50
Number of doughnuts consumed:  2,400
Number of bagels consumed:  1,000
Number of pastries consumed:  1,000
Number of bottles of water donated:  3,600
Number of bottles of sports drink donated:  2,400
Most desserts eaten at one lunch:  3 slices of cheesecake

The View from the “Back of the House”

There is so much activity at an IPMBA conference that happens in full view of the conference attendees, but it seems that even more activity is observed and reported by hotel employees.  These reports come to us directly from the Westin.  The subjects of these reports will no doubt be glad to know that their anonymity has been preserved. 

Oh, that’s why I have a headache:  One member of the group reported that all the snack items were missing from his mini bar.  A search of his guest room garbage can revealed all the empty wrappers and quite a few empty beer cans.  The guest suddenly remembered his late-night binge.

And that’s why my feet hurt:  One guest presented our front doorman with a valet parking ticket from the previous evening.  The doorman soon realized that it was from the hotel next door, not the Westin.  The guest later said, "It did seem like a much longer walk to my room last night than usual...."

On a positive note:  While the group was in-house the number of complaints concerning suspicious persons and missing items from guest rooms was down from the previous weeks.  But there was that bank robbery in the hotel atrium – all those cops and the robber runs past an EMS guy...

Above all else, IPMBA members are athletes:  The sports bar reported that revenues for the week were up 37% over last year for the week.

What came first, the chicken or the dessert: The kitchen reported that during your visit they served 1535 lunches, including 425 pounds of chicken.  More interesting was the report that 1602 desserts were consumed.

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