Back to Reality

Back to Reality

by Lt. Mike Anderson, PCI #273/EMSCI #022
St. Louis Metropolitan (MO) Police Department

The reality struck me on Monday morning as I pulled into the Doubletree parking lot.  All the police cars were gone; there were no bike racks or police trailers, no EMS wagons; nothing to remind me of the wonderful conference that had ended on Saturday.  As I drove to the back lot to retrieve the “Tom Woods” obstacle kit, I flashed back to the hundreds of cones and other components of the competition and realized for the first time that we had done a great job hosting this conference.  Hosting the conference was the easy part; it was great because of the enthusiasm for biking and dedication to the organization evidenced by the participants.  I hope everyone who attended returned home with renewed intensity for making IPMBA the “Gold Standard” for training and every organization redoubles their efforts at promoting bikes in public safety.

Making the conference happen would have been much more difficult without the tireless efforts of the Chesterfield Police Department, especially Lt. Steve Lewis, Captain Ed Nestor, Lt. Denny Hufford, and all the dedicated Chesterfield officers who helped us.  We appreciate the assistance of Officer Jenna Christian, who lent us her Police Explorers.  The St. Louis Metro Police Department Downtown Bike Unit members were ever present for all duties, from ride guides to pub guides.  You can thank them for the endless supply of “55 Select” that you all loved.  The Police Explorers were terrific in the bike check and we can never thank Gerrie from the Doubletree enough for her efforts and her willingness to help us out at every turn.

I would like to publicly thank Gary McLaughlin, Mike Johnston and Tom Woods for designing and building the competition course, especially since they made good use of all of my cones.

I sincerely hope that each of you had a good time at the conference.  I know I will never forget it, and I look forward to seeing you in Richmond.

Second to None

by Lt. Steve Lewis
Chesterfield (MO) Police Department

Participating in the 20th Annual IPMBA conference as a host agency truly opened our department’s eyes to the value of training and the quality of personnel available to proactively utilize two-wheeled patrols to enhance police services.  The experience was second to none. 

The hotel staff and management were complimentary of the participants and workers, highlighting the excellent relationship-building and communication that made for a successful conference. 

While our agency is smaller in size and scope than our co-host, the importance of community policing and personalized police services were never so evident than during the conference.  We were proud to welcome professionals from across the world to Chesterfield to experience the best possible hospitality that we could offer. 

The instructors, vendors and conference organizers were true professionals, and it was an honor to work with them.  Lt. Mike Anderson of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department provided guidance and leadership, and we could not have pulled it off without his assistance.  The men and women of the Chesterfield Police welcome any IPMBA members to our community with open arms.  Thanks for a great experience!

© 2010 IPMBA.  These articles appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of IPMBA News.

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