Action Wipes:  Ready for Action

Action Wipes:  Ready for Action

By Scott Picquet
Chandler (AZ) Police Department

I attended the 2011 InterBike Expo in Las Vegas.  There, amongst the thousands of products, I discovered the Action Wipe.  Or, perhaps I should say, the creator, Martha Van Inwegan, discovered me.  It was a chance encounter, but when she found out I was a bike cop from sunny Arizona, she sent me home with about 30 samples. 

Action Wipes are all-over body wipes designed for quick clean-up when you don’t have time to shower.  They are larger, softer, and lack the “baby-fresh” scent of similar wipes. 

Not long afterwards, I had worked a long shift and needed to change quickly from my sweaty bike uniform into civilian clothes to attend to duties at an inside venue.  I was a little self-conscious about how dirty I was when I remembered the samples in my bag.  I grabbed one and used it to wipe off the grime.  To my surprise, it was quite refreshing.

According to their website, Action Wipes are safe, gentle, and contain only natural ingredients like tea tree and eucalyptus oils.  These are good for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, and road rash, as well as removing poison oak and poison ivy oils.

The company, Life Elements, also produces a Sports Spray purported to neutralize body odor, deodorize rooms, cars, and lockers, and even repel insects. 

Visit www.actionwipes.com, call 805-462-2215, or email contact@actionwipes.com.

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