2018 Vendors and Supporters


American Bike Patrol Services (proud sponsor of Bike Mechanic Service)
Contact: Aaron Roesler
Telephone: 800-488-9690
Email: abps@bikepatrol.info
Website: www.bikepatrol.info
Product/Service: Police Bikes and Custom eBikes, Specialty Lighting, Apparel and Accessories 

Cera Products
Contact: Jennifer Gurrola
Telephone: 706-221-1542
Email: jgurrula@ceraproducts.us
Website: www.ceraproducts.us
Product/Service: Cera Products- Rice based electrolyte drinks

iFORCE Patrol Bikes
Contact: Skip Jones
Telephone: 724-431-2335
Email: info@iforcebikes.com
Website: www.iforcebikes.com
Product/Service: Custom U.S.-made patrol bicycles and vehicle-grade light/siren kits.

ISM Saddles LLC
Contact: Laura Toll
Telephone: 813-909-1441
Email: laura@ismseat.com
Website: www.ismseat.com
Product/Service: Anatomically correct, comfortable bicycle saddles, meant to preserve blood flow, eliminate numbness, and improve performance.

MOCEAN (proud sponsor of Instructor Shirts and Exhibitor Reception)
Contact: Bill Levitt
Telephone:  949-646-1701
Email: bill@moceantactical.com
Website: www.moceantactical.com
Product/Service:  Manufacturers of Bike Patrol and Technical Law Enforcement Uniforms

Police Bike Store (proud sponsor of PESC and IC Night Operations)
Contact: Michael Espejo
Telephone:  973-366-5868
Email: info@policebikestore.com
Website: www.policebikestore.com
Product/Service:  Fuji Police Bikes and C3Sports Lighting Products and Accessories

RZ Mask
Contact: Jim Hatzenbuhler
Telephone:  952-324-5474
Email: jimh@rzmask.com
Website: www.rzmask.com
Product/Service:  RZMasks:  The world's most comfortable filtration mask. Filters up to 99.9% of all dust and particulates from the air.

Sound Uniform Solutions (Bratwear and Olympic Uniform; proud sponsor of Command Staff Shirts and Exhibit Hall Refreshments)
Contact:  Sally Swanson
Phone:  253-625-7420
Email: sally@bratwear.com
Website: www.bratwear.com

Olympic Uniforms 
Contact Name:  Julie Cruise
Phone:  206-722-1412
Email: reps@olyuniforms.com
Website: www.olyuniforms.com

Product/Service:  Bratwear and Olympic Uniforms:  Stronger Together!  Providing the best-fitting, functional, made-in-America uniforms!

Volcanic Bicycles (proud sponsor of Bike Mechanic Service and Lanyards)
Contact: Jennifer Kackley
Telephone: 509-427-8623
Email: jennifer@volcanicbikes.com
Website: www.volcanicbikes.com
Product/Service: "Toughest Patrol Bikes on Earth"!  New models in 27.5", 29"and Fat Tire Bikes. Parts, Accessories & More.

Contact: Mark Leonard
Telephone:  501-517-5338
Email: lcginc@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.4bike-police.com
Product/Service:  Duty Bikes and Accessories.  

Airo Bike Seat
Contact: Jennifer Woolfall
Telephone:  250-575-1130
Email: jennifer@airobikeseat.com
Website: www.airobikeseat.com
Product/Service:  Airo Bike Seat's patented design ensures superior comfort aiding enjoyment and supporting rider health

Bellwether Technical Apparel
Contact: Timothy Coppock
Telephone:  310-884-7756
Email: tcoppock@profile-design.com
Website: www.bellwetheruniform.com
Product/Service:  Since 1973, Bellwether has developed technical cycling apparel for serious cycling enthusiasts.

Blac-Rac Manufacturing
Contact: Kevin Pintar
Telephone:  208-855-9388
Email: kpintar@blac-rac.com
Website: www.blac-rac.com
Product/Service:  Weapons Mount System for Mountain Bikes and Chase Bikes

Christini All-Wheel Drive Bicycles
Contact: Steven Christini
Telephone:  215-351-9895
Email: steve@christini.com
Website: www.Christinibicycles.com
Product/Service:  Christini AWD Bicycles and E-Bikes produces the worlds only AWD mountain bikes. Traction, control, and safety that is unmatched in the market.

Patrol Bike Systems
Contact:Mark Eumurian
Telephone:  651-773-8763
Email: mark@patrolbike.com
Website: www.ebiketools.com
Product/Service:  Patrol cycling accessories, footwear, tools and clothing

Rad Power Bikes
Contact: Evan Douglas
Telephone:  800-939-0310 ext. 170
Email: evan@radpowerbikes.com
Website: www.radpowerbikes.com
Product/Service:  Electric Bicycles

Samson Electric Bikes
Contact: Steve Hurst
Telephone:  805-402-1485
Email: steve@samsonebikes.com
Website: www.samsonebikes.com
Product/Service:  Electric Bicycles and Bicycle Accessories


Cygolite Bicycle Lighting Systems (sponsor, Nightlife District Operations and Tactics)


R&B Fabrications

Adidas Outdoor/Five Ten
Airo Bike Seat
Bern Unlimited
Borealis Fat Bikes
Cycle Siren
Dick Kramer Studios
Dual Eyewear
GQ-6 Nutrition
Haix USA
NUGO Nutrition
Pedaling Innovations
Power Grips
Rudy Project USA
RZ Mask
Saint Louis BWorks
Sock Guy
Street Crimes Seminars
XX2i Optics

Contributing Members

· Dave Dager
· Matt Karnowski
· Rance Okada
· Gary Strang
· London Police Service
· Omaha Police Department

Local Supporters

· A&M Bicycle
· Anheuser-Busch
· Big Shark Bicycle Company
· Billy Goat Bicycle Company
· Bon Appetit at Wash U.
· Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative
· Central West End North Business Community Improvement District
· Explore Saint Louis
· Gateway Off-Road Cyclists (GORC)
· Kraftig
· Main Street Brewing
· Mid-America Arms
· Mike’s Bikes STL
· Saint Louis Fire Designs
· Schlafly Beer
· SLMPD Downtown Bike Unit
· The City’s Finest LLC
· Urban Chestnut Brewing Company
· WUSTL Summer Programs and Conference Services

Partnering Agencies

· Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department (host agency)
· Washington University Police Department (host agency)
· Lake Saint Louis Police Department
· Saint Louis County & Municipal Police Academy
· Saint Louis County Police Department

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