2016 Vendors and Supporters



Contact: Buddy DuToit
Telephone:  706-221-1542
Email: bdutoit@ceraproducts.us
Website: www.ceraproductsinc.com
Product/Service:  CeraSport is a rice-based oral hydration product with no added simple sugars.

Cygolite Bicycle Lighting Systems (proud sponsor of Nightlife District Operations & Tactics)
Contact: Steven Hamasaki
Telephone:  949-297-4972
Email: patrol@cygolite.com
Website: www.cygolite.com
Product/Service:  Bicycle Lighting Systems

iFORCE Patrol Bikes
Contact: Skip Jones
Telephone: 724-431-2335
Email: sjones@ibistek.com
Website: www.iforcebikes.com
Product/Service: U.S.-made patrol specific bicycles and universal lights/siren kits.

ISM Saddles LLC
Contact: Laura Toll
Telephone: 813-909-1441
Email: laura@ismseat.com
Website: www.ismseat.com
Product/Service: ISM Saddles are the most comfortable bike seats in the world.

MOCEAN (proud sponsor of Instructor Shirts and Exhibitor Reception)
Contact: Bill Levitt
Telephone:  949-646-1701
Email: moceanbl@aol.com
Website: www.mocean.net
Product/Service:  Technical Law Enforcement and Bike Patrol Uniforms

Police Bike Store (proud sponsor of PESC and IC Night Operations)
Contact: Michael Espejo
Telephone:  973-366-5868
Email: info@policebikestore.com
Website: www.policebikestore.com
Product/Service:  Fuji Code 3-XT Police Bike, C3Sports MaxPatrol-600 light system; accessories; show specials.

Sound Uniform Group (proud sponsor of Command Staff shirts and reception beverages)
Contact: Sally Swanson
Telephone:  253-625-7420
Email: sally@bratwear.com
Website: www.bratwear.comwww.olyuniforms.com
Product/Service:  BRATWEAR and Olympic Uniforms: the two premier uniform manufacturers.  Proudly made in America. 

The Safariland Group (proud sponsor of the raffle bike)
Contact: Sean Lackey
Telephone: 800-347-1200
Email: sean.lackey@safariland.com
Website: www.safariland.com
Product/Service: Law enforcement bicycles, duty gear, and bicycle accessories.

Volcanic Bicycles (proud sponsor of mechanical support)
Contact: Eric Kackley
Telephone: 509-427-8623
Email: info@volcanicbikes.com
Website: www.volcanicbikes.com
Product/Service: Hand-built, Made-in-the-USA Patrol Bikes with lifetime frame warranty and component options; riding gear, accessories; replacement parts and tools

Contact: Mark Leonard
Telephone: 501-517-5338
Email: LCGinc@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.4Bike-Police.com
Product/Service: Provides bikes, accessories and duty gear to First Responders.

Bar Mitts, Inc.
Contact: Ward Graham
Telephone: 775-622-8048
Email: barmitts@charter.net
Website: www.barmitts.com
Product/Service: Bicycle handlebar mitts made of neoprene.  Designed for various handlebar set-ups.

Bellwether Uniforms
Contact: Timothy Coppock
Telephone: 310-884-7756
Email: tcoppock@profile-design.com
Website: www.bellwetheruniform.com
Product/Service: Since 1973, Bellwether has developed technical cycling apparel for serious cycling enthusiasts.

Borealis Fat Bikes
Contact: Steve Kaczmarek
Telephone: 719-502-7952
Email: steve@fatbike.com
Website: www.fatbike.com
Product/Service: Police Fat Bikes

Codaxus LLC
Contact: Christian Stanton
Telephone: 512-576-3812
Email: sales@codaxus.com
Website: www.codaxus.com
Product/Service: C3FT:  a device for education and enhanced enforcement activities related to Vulnerable User laws

CopCycles LLC
Contact: Steven Scott
Telephone: 704-246-7476
Email: copcyclesdesign@gmail.com
Website: www.copcycles.com
Product/Service: Committed to maximizing the effectiveness and safety of the Bicycle Patrolman by integrating cutting-edge audio, visual, communications and tracking technologies while maintaining the stealth and mobility of this most effective Law Enforcement Officer.

Contact: Joe Jordan
Telephone: 800-367-0382
Email: joe@emsbooks.com
Website: www.emergencystuff.com/IPMBA
Product/Service: IPMBA Merchandise

Kryptonite (proud sponsor of Bike Theft:  STOP it Now!)
Contact: Daryl Slater
Telephone: 781-232-1294
Email: darylslater@allegion.com
Website: www.kryptonitelock.com
Product/Service: Kryptonite, an Allegion brand, produces high-quality chains, cables, u-locks and flexible security systems.

National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)
Contact: Kerri Williamson
Telephone: 888-316-2776
Email: kerri.williamson@nasro.org
Website: www.nasro.org
Product/Service: NASRO is dedicated to providing the highest quality training to school-based law enforcement officers in order to promote safer schools and safer kids.

NiteRider Technical Lighting
Contact: Robin Jacoway
Telephone: 858-268-9316
Email: robin@niterider.com
Website: www.niterider.com
Product/Service: Digital Patrol lighting system with siren and remote switch

Patrol Bike Systems
Contact: Mark Eumurian
Telephone: 651-773-8763
Email: mark@patrolbike.com
Website: www.patrolbike.com
Product/Service:  Law enforcement cycing equipment and clothing.

Contact: Rick Johns
Telephone: 636-556-0653
Email: rjohns4@nc.rr.com
Website: www.popticals.com
Product/Service:  Popticals are premium sports sunglasses that extend from a small size for portability and performance.

Rapid Response Team eBikes
Contact: Adam Rand
Telephone: 978-910-0008
Email: arand@evantagebikes.com
Website: www.evantagebikes.com
Product/Service:  RRT electric patrol bikes are currently being used by more than 27 departments in the northeastern United States.

SCS Racks
Contact: Neil Johnson
Telephone: 509-464-8715
Email: neil@scsrack.com
Website: www.scsrack.com
Product/Service:  The SCS Magnum is an all-aluminum, anti-theft, heavy load bike carrier for cars, SUV's and trucks. 

Tact Squad/United Uniform Mfg.
Contact: Zackary Rieger
Telephone: 800-858-6755
Email: zack@amwearint..com
Website: www.amwearintl.com
Product/Service:  Bike Patrol Gear for Law Enforcement Officials 


EMS World


R&B Fabrications


Bell Helmets

Bern Unlimited

Bicycle Times

BoundTree Medical

Cane Creek Cycling Components

Chamois Butt'r

Cycle Siren

Dick Kramer Studios

Dirt Rag

Dual Eyewear

Explore Asheville

First CycleWorks

Fly Pedals

French Broad Chocolate Company

H&H Medical Corporation

Hero Kit

Legacy Safety and Security


NuGo Nutrition

Police Magazine

Primal Wear

ProGold Lubricants

Rocky Outdoor Gear

Rudy Project USA


SouthComm Law Enforcement Group

Street Crimes Seminars


Tifosi Optics

Tiger Eye


Whistles for Life


Contributing Members

Tim Cisler            

Dave Dager

Mike Harris

Rance Okada

Gary Strang       

Michael Wear

Local Supporters


Abbott Construction

Asheville Buncombe Regional Sports Commission

Asheville Downtown Association

Asheville Fire Department

Asheville on Bikes

Asheville Parks & Recreation

Biltmore Farms

Catawba Brewing

Chestnut Restaurant

Explore Asheville

French Broad Chocolate Lounge

Gallery MIA

Grove Arcade

Highland Brewing

Kolo Bike Park

Lowe’s Airport Road

Moe’s BBQ

New Belgium Brewing

North Carolina FOP Lodge #1

On Target Indoor Shooting Range and Gun Shop

Oskar Blues Brewing

Plasticard Locktech International

Sam’s Club


Target (River Hills and McKenna Road)

The Hop

White Duck Taco

Wells Fargo

Wicked Weed Brewery

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