2011 Conference Vendors and Supporters


iFORCE Bicycles
Contact:  David Mysliwiec
Telephone: 724-431-2276
Email:  dmysliwiec@ibistek.com
Website:  http://www.iforcebikes.com
Product/Service: iFORCE Patrol Bicycle and iFORCE Accessory Light and Siren Kit.

Jones & Bartlett Learning
Telephone: 800-832-0034
Email:  info@jblearning.com
Website:  http://www.jblearning.com
Product/Service: Professional and educational public safety products. J&B is the publisher of the second edition of the Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling.

Contact:  Bill Levitt
Telephone: 949-646-1701
Email:  moceanbl@aol.com
Website:  http://www.mocean.net
Product/Service: Technical Law Enforcement and Bike Patrol Uniforms

R&B Fabrications
Contact:  Kyle Baugh
Telephone: 800-553-1911
Email:  kyle@rbfab.com
Website:  http://www.rbfab.com
Product/Service: R&B Fabrications is a manufacturer of bicycle panniers for bike medics. We have a full line to meet your needs.

Contact:  James Dawson
Telephone: 904-741-1765
Email:  james.a.dawson@baesystems.com
Website:  http://www.safariland.com
Product/Service: Duty Gear, Law Enforcement Bicycles & Accessories

Volcanic Bicycles
Contact:  Eric Kackley
Telephone: 509-427-8623
Email:  eric@volcanicbikes.com
Website:  http://www.volcanicbikes.com
Product/Service: The Volcanic Approach: The Toughest Patrol Bikes on Earth!

Contact:  Mark Leonard
Telephone: 501-517-5338
Email:  lcginc@sbcglobal.net
Website:  http://www.4bike-police.com
Product/Service: Police Bikes and Patrol Gear. Head-to-Toe Outfitting for First Responders.

Bern Unlimited
Contact:  Josh Walker
Email:  connect@bernunlimited.com
Website:  http://www.bernunlimited.com
Product/Service: Helmets and Pads

Dero Bike Racks
Contact:  Mark Skoine
Telephone: 612-359-0689
Email:  mark@dero.com
Website:  http://www.dero.com
Product/Service: Bike patrol fleet parking and solutions for abandoned bike storage.

Contact:  Shawn Parks
Email:  orders@detours.us
Website:  http://www.detours.us
Product/Service: Bicycle Bags.

DiNotte Lighting
Contact:  Robert Skaff
Telephone: 603-929-0123
Email:  sales@dinottelighting.com
Website:  http://www.dinottelighting.com
Product/Service: Ultimate Road and Trail Lights (headlights, taillights, high-power strobes, etc.)

Contact:  Ari Newsham
Telephone: 401-250-5555
Email:  amy@g-form.com
Website:  http://www.g-form.com
Product/Service: G-form wearable impact protection and impact protection for portable electronics and smart phones.

ISM Saddles
Contact:  Laura Toll
Telephone: 813-909-1441
Email:  laura@ismseat.com
Website:  http://www.ismseat.com
Product/Service: ISM bicycle saddles remove pressure from the pudendal nerve and arteries for unparalleled comfort riding.

League of American Bicyclists
Contact:  Alissa Simcox
Telephone: 202-822-1333
Email:  alissa@bikeleague.org
Website:  http://www.bikeleague.org
Product/Service: Bicycling safety, education, and advocacy programs and materials. Information on how IPMBA Instructors can become League Certified Instructors.

Lift & Storage Systems, Inc.
Contact:  Shawn Jones
Telephone: 651-777-1554
Email:  sjones@liftnstore.com
Website:  http://www.liftnstore.com
Product/Service: Bike Storage Systems  (The Latest Technology)

NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers)
Contact:  James "Mo" Canady
Telephone: 888-316-2776
Email:  mo.canady@nasro.org
Website:  http://www.nasro.org
Product/Service: NASRO is committed to providing the absolute best training available for school based police officers, school administrators and school security/safety professionals across the country.

Patrol Bike Systems
Contact:  Mark Eumurian
Telephone: 651-773-8763
Email:  patrolbike@earthlink.net
Website:  http://www.patrolbike.com / www.ebiketools.com
Product/Service: Bicycles, bicycle equipment, accessories, clothing, tools, and related items

United Uniform
Contact:  Kami Zinati
Telephone: 909-381-2682
Email:  kami@uumfg.com
Website:  http://www.uumfg.com
Product/Service: Quality bicycle patrol uniforms, shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets.

Yakima Products
Contact:  Ross Gilsrud
Telephone: 971-249-7517
Email:  ross.gilrud@yakima.com
Website:  http://www.yakima.com
Product/Service: Yakima Bike Racks and Cargo Carrier Solutions.

2012 CANAM Games
Contact: Jeff Oxton
Telephone: 320-345-4343
Email: jeffrey.oxton@ci.stcloud.mn.us
Website: http://www.stcloudcanam.com
Product/Service: 20 sporting and/or gaming events open to police and fire personnel. Held June 24-July 1, 2012, in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. 2014 Games will be held in York County PA, and the 2016 Games will be held in Thunder Bay ON. Visitwww.canampolicefiregames.org


Website: http://www.bratwear.com
Product/Service: Uniforms

EMS World
Website: http://www.emsworld.com
Product/Service: Leading EMS Magazine, Website, and Expo

Police Bike Store
Website: http://www.policebikestore.com
Product/Service: Complete line of police bikes & accessories

AMC Media
Website: http://www.amcmedia.net
Product/Service: From A to Z by Bike

Bike Medicine
Website: http://www.purpleextreme.com
Product/Service: Purple Extreme Bike and Gun Lubricant

Cane Creek Cycling Components
Website: http://www.canecreek.com
Product/Service: Suspension Seatposts

Cateye Electronics
Website: http://www.cateye.com
Product/Service: Computers, Heart Rate Monitors, Lighting Systems, Safety Lights

Chris Cerino Training Group
Website: http://www.chriscerinotraininggroup.com
Product/Service: Firearms Training

Cygnus Law Enforcement Group
Website: http://www.officer.com
Product/Service: Law Enforcement Product News, Law Enforcement Technology

Dirt Rag/Bicycle Times
Website: http://www.dirtragmag.com
Product/Service: Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times

Elsevier/JEMS Communications
Website: http://www.jems.com
Product/Service: Journal of Emergency Medical Services; EMS Today

Ergon USA
Website: http://www.ergon-bike.com
Product/Service: Ergonomic Grips, Backpacks, Tools, Pedals

Extreme Endurance
Website: http://www.xendurance.com
Product/Service: Supplements

Fezzari Bicycles
Website: http://www.fezzari.com
Product/Service: Bicycles and Accessories

Fox Racing Shox
Website: http://www.foxracingshox.com
Product/Service: Fox Racing Shox MTB Suspension

Genuine Innovations
Website: http://www.genuineinnovations.com
Product/Service: Flat Tire Remedies

Marin Bikes
Website: http://www.marinbikes.com
Product/Service: Bicycles for Public Safety Use

Website: http://www.azonicusa.com
Product/Service: Bicycles, Clothing, Accessories

Pekin Gun
Product/Service: Firearms

People Making Good
Website: http://www.peoplemakinggood.com
Product/Service: Darn Tough Socks

Police Magazine
Website: http://www.policemag.com
Product/Service: Police Magazine

Website: http://www.prestacycle.com
Product/Service: Air Compressors, Tools

Website: http://www.safetec.com
Product/Service: First Aid, Infection Control Products

Website: http://www.simunition.com
Product/Service: SIMUNITION® Marking Cartridges and Protective Gear

Smith & Wesson
Website: http://www.smith-wesson.com
Product/Service: Firearms

Spenco Ironman Cycling Gloves
Website: http://www.spencogloves.com
Product/Service: Ironman Cycling Gloves

Springfield Armory
Website: http://www.springfield-armory.com
Product/Service: Firearms

Street Crimes Seminars
Website: http://www.streetcrimes.com
Product/Service: Street Crimes Seminar

Twofish Unlimited
Website: http://www.twofish.biz
Product/Service: Specialty fasteners for bottle cages, pumps, locks, batteries, etc.

Velo Press
Website: http://www.velogear.com
Product/Service: Cycling Books, Videos, Gear, Clothing

VMI Logistics, LLC
Website: http://www.cantitoeroad.com
Product/Service: Bike seats, Wipperman chains, Connexion links, tires, etc.

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