2008 IPMBA Conference Instructors and Presenters

Without a cadre of excellent instructors, the IPMBA Conference would not be known as the premier training event for public safety cyclists.  These individuals give generously of their time, knowledge and expertise, both in preparing for and teaching at the conference.  IPMBA is grateful to its instructors and guest presenters for their contributions to the conference.

Certified IPMBA Instructors

Kirby Beck, Coon Rapids PD (retired), Coon Rapids MN
Neil Blackington, Boston EMS, Boston MA
Elizabeth Bouchard, Univ. of Guelph PD, Guelph ON
Jim Bowell, Troy Fire Department, Troy OH
Jeff Brown, Dayton PD, Dayton OH
Ron Burkitt, City of Hilliard PD, Hilliard OH
Mike Campbell, Williamson Medical Center, Franklin TN
Kristopher Conwill, Wooster PD, Wooster OH
Chad Cunningham, Univ. of Akron PD, Akron OH
Andrew DeBerry, Denton PD, Denton TX
Frank Demes, George Washington Univ. PD, Washington DC
Doug Dillon, Houston PD, Houston TX
James Donaldson, Covington PD, Covington KY
Dwight Edwards, Cabell County EMS, Huntington WV
Scott Elliott, Niagara Regional Police Service, St. Catharines ON
Kurt Feavel, Univ. of Wisconsin @ Madison PD, Madison WI
Steve Forbes, Univ. of Guelph PD, Guelph ON
Michael Glaubach, George Washington Univ. PD, Washington DC
Artie Gonzales, Topeka PD (retired), Topeka KS
Lou Ann Hamblin, Sumpter Township Police, Belleville MI
Tommy Hamelink, Politie Haaglanden, The Hague
John Hanke, Joliet PD, Joliet IL
Tom Harris, East Baton Rouge EMS, Baton Rouge LA
David Hildebrand, Denton PD, Denton TX
Bernard Hogancamp, Homewood PD, Homewood IL
Mike Hudspeth, Guilford County EMS, Greensboro NC
Mike Johnston, Utah’s Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City UT
Barbara Maleski, Cincinnati Police Division, Cincinnati OH
Monte May, Kansas City PD, Kansas City MO
Gary McLaughlin, Sacramento PD, Sacramento CA
David Millican, Denton PD, Denton TX
Wren Nealy, Cypress Creek EMS, Houston TX
Steve Noftz, Ohio University PD, Athens OH
Ray Ranne, Chicago PD, Chicago IL
T.J. Richardson, San Antonio PD (retired), San Antonio TX
Jim Roy, Topeka PD (retired), Topeka KS
Jason Schiffer, Bethlehem PD, Bethlehem PA
Al Simpson, Pompano Beach PD (retired), Pompano Beach FL
Charlie Summers, Illinois State U. PD, Normal IL
Tom Tanner, Ann Arbor PD, Ann Arbor MI
Jeff Taylor, Cypress Creek EMS, Houston TX
Mitch Trujillo, Boulder PD, Boulder CO
William Trussell, Univ. of Southern Mississippi PD, Hattiesburg MS
Kathleen Vonk, Ann Arbor PD, Ann Arbor MI
Clarence White, Indianapolis Metro PD, Indianapolis IN
Tom Woods, Denton PD, Denton TX
Matthew Worm, Omaha PD, Omaha NE
Marc Zingarelli, Circleville Fire Department, Circleville OH

EMS Support

Mike Campbell and Dan Turman, Williamson Medical Center,  Franklin, TN

Guest Presenters

Eric Anastasia, Kryptonite, Canton MA
Michael Breitenstein, NIOSH, Cincinnati OH
Ed Breslau, Hayes Bicycle Group, Mequon WI
Peter Koe, Indianapolis Metropolitan PD, Indianapolis IN
Andy Paradowski, Hayes Bicycle Group, Mequon WI
Melanie Roberts, National Inst. of Fitness and Sport, Indianapolis IN
Angie Scheetz, National Inst. of Fitness and Sport, Indianapolis IN
Steven Schrader, Ph.D., NIOSH, Cincinnati OH
Tim Schurr, Cascadia Group, Ashland OR
Sean Wade, Human Potential Labs Training Center, Akron OH

AV Support

Greg Fiebig and Al Gille, Tri-State Regional Community Policing Institute, Cincinnati OH

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