2008 Conference Vendors and Supporters

IPMBA thanks the vendors and other supporters without whom the IPMBA conference would be missing an important component.  Please show your gratitude to these companies for their support of public safety cycling by thinking of them first for your bike unit needs. 

Conference Vendors

Contact: Sally Swanson
Telephone: 253-517-4000
Email: sally@bratwear.com
Website: http://www.bratwear.com
Product/Service: Uniforms for law enforcement, fire/EMS, security and campus police bicycle units, custom-designed and manufactured in our U.S. facilty.

Bushnell Outdoor Products
Contact: Kurt Denijs
Telephone: 913-752-3410
Email: kurtd@bushnell.com
Website: http://www.unclemikes.com
Product/Service: Holsters, injection-molded Kydex and other law enforcement duty gear.

Circle City Bicycles
Contact: Bill Hannah
Telephone: 317-780-9244
Email: bill@circlecitybicycles.com
Website: http://www.circlecitybicycles.com
Product/Service: Bicycles & Accessories

Cycle Source Group
Contact: Peter Carey
Telephone: 515-232-0277
Email: peterc@cyclesg.com
Website: http://www.cyclesg.com
Product/Service: Smith & Wesson Bicycles

Endura, Inc.
Contact: Chris Kaylor
Telephone: 440-235-1050
Email: chris@endurasport.com
Website: http://www.endurasport.com
Product/Service: Full line of cycle clothing for police and custom clothing.

Firehouse Decals and More
Contact: Jay Feinberg
Telephone: 888-771-3124
Email: sales@firehousedecals.com
Website: http://www.firehousedecals.com
Product/Service: Decals, Pins, Stickers, etc.

First Light USA
Contact: Clyde Caceres
Telephone: 217-687-4048
Email: info@first-light-usa.com
Website: http://www.first-light-usa.com
Product/Service: Hands-Free Tactical Flashlights for Law Enforcement

Hayes Bicycle Group
Contact: Andy Paradowski
Telephone: 888-636-3472
Email: hayestech@hayesbicycle.com
Website: http://www.hayesbicycle.com
Product/Service: Hayes Bicycle Group is a manufacturer of bicycle suspension, disc brakes, and wheel components.

Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Contact: David Weliver
Telephone: 800-832-0034 x 8250
Email: dweliver@jbpub.com
Website: http://www.jbpub.com
Product/Service: Professional and educational public safety products.  J&B is the publisher of the second edition of the Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling.

Leonard Consulting Group
Contact: Mark Leonard
Telephone: 501-517-5338
Fax: 501-653-2969
Email: lcginc@sbcglobal.net
Website: http://www.4bike-police.com
Product/Service: Police bikes by Fuji and S&W; lights, sirens, and bike accessories; tactical radio products.

Marwi USA
Contact: Justin Holdrieth
Telephone: 618-395-2200
Email: justin@magurausa.com
Website: http://www.marwiusa.com
Product/Service: Bicycle Lighting Equipment

Contact: Bill Levitt
Telephone: 949-646-1701
Email: moceanbl@aol.com
Website: http://www.mocean.net
Product/Service: Technical Law Enforcement and Bike Patrol Uniforms

Contact: Michael Breitenstein
Telephone: 513-533-8290
Email: mjb1@cdc.gov
Product/Service: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) provides national and world leadership to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.

NiteRider Technical Lighting Systems
Contact: Mike Ely
Telephone: 858-268-9316
Email: mike@niterider.com
Website: http://www.niterider.com
Product/Service: Bicycle Lighting Systems

Patrol Bike Systems
Contact: Mark Eumurian
Telephone: 800-208-2032
Email: patrolbike@earthlink.net
Website: http://www.patrolbike.com/www.ebiketools.com
Product/Service: Bicycles, bicycle equipment, accessories, clothing, tools, and related items.

Contact: Brian Friedman
Telephone: 419-255-0660
Email: bgfriedman@seavival.com
Website: http://www.seavivalsystems.com
Product/Service: EMS/Police Bike Systems

Tactical Wear Online
Contact: Donald Erb
Telephone: 717-666-2348
Email: derb018@ptd.net
Website: http://www.tacticalwearonline.com
Product/Service: UNDER ARMOUR Performance wear, tactical/military line

Trek Bicycles
Contact: Stefan Downing
Telephone: 800-879-8735 x12877
Email: police@trekbikes.com
Website: http://www.trekbikes.com
Product/Service: Trek Bikes provides police/public safety bikes, helmets, decals, bags, and more.

United Uniform
Contact: Kami Zinati
Telephone: 909-381-2682
Email: kami@uumfg.com
Website: http://www.uumfg.com
Product/Service: Quality bicycle patrol uniforms, shirts, shorts, pants, and jackets.

Volcanic Bicycles
Contact: Shane Chipp
Telephone: 360-943-8613
Email: info@volcanicbikes.com
Website: http://www.volcanicbikes.com
Product/Service: Volcanic Approach Patrol Bicycles

Conference Supporters

Bike Medicine
Website: http://www.purpleextreme.com
Product/Service: Purple Extreme Lube, Golden Degreaser, Royal Purple Grease

Website: http://www.biketac.com
Product/Service: Siren, Helmet Earphone, Smith & Wesson bikes and accessories

Brake Director
Website: http://www.brakedirector.com
Product/Service: Brake Director: One-Hand Power Braking

Cane Creek
Website: http://www.canecreek.com
Product/Service: Suspension Seatposts

Cateye Electronics
Website: http://www.cateye.com
Product/Service: Bicycle Lighting

Cygnus Publications
Website: http://www.cygnuspub.com
Product/Service: EMS Magazine & Emergency Medical Product News, Law Enforcement Product News and Law Enforcement Technology

ELHN Badge Design
Website: http://www.elhnbadge.com
Product/Service: Custom Badges, Challenge Coins

J.L. Darling
Website: http://www.riteintherain.com
Product/Service: Weatherproof Writing Products

John E. Reid & Associates
Website: http://www.reid.com
Product/Service: Street Crimes Seminars

Website: http://www.kryptonitelock.com
Product/Service: Kryptonite Locks

Louka Tactical Training LLC
Website: http://home.comcast.net/~kdvonk/LouKaLLC.html
Product/Service: Tactical Training & Firearms Video

Olympic Uniforms
Website: http://www.olyuniforms.com
Product/Service: Uniforms

Police Bike Store
Website: http://www.policebikestore.com
Product/Service: Bikes & Accessories

Police Magazine
Website: http://www.policemag.com
Product/Service: Police Magazine

R & B Fabrications
Website: http://www.rbfab.com
Product/Service: Panniers and Bags

Rodon Corporation
Website: http://www.rodoncorp.com
Product/Service: High-visibility Locating Devices

Rudy Project North America
Website: http://www.e-rudy.com
Product/Service: Technically Cool Eyewear

Website: http://www.safetec.com
Product/Service: Infection Control & First Aid Products

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