2004 IPMBA Conference Instructors and Presenters

Many thanks to the instructors and presenters who shared their knowledge and experience with those who attended the 2004 IPMBA conference.  Instructors typically spend many hours honing their presentations to ensure that the students receive the very best training and information available.   The workshop evaluation forms attest to the quality of the educational sessions – participants overwhelmingly ranked the quality of the presenters in the very good to excellent range.  IPMBA is grateful to the following individuals for their part in making the annual IPMBA Conference “the premier training event for public safety cyclists.” 

Certified IPMBA Instructors

Dominic Angiolillo, PCI #103T, Ft. Lauderdale Police Dept., Ft. Lauderdale FL
Steve Bazany, PCI #734, San Antonio Police Dept., San Antonio TX
Kirby Beck, PCI #002T/EMSCI #017T, Coon Rapids Police Department, Coon Rapids MN
Neil Blackington, EMSCI #031, Boston EMS, Boston MA
Jim Bowell, EMSCI #001T/PCI #567T, Troy Fire Department, Troy OH
Jeff Brown, PCI #487/EMSCI #064, Dayton Police Department, Dayton OH
Ed Brown, EMSCI #002T/PCI #178T, Orange County Fire/Rescue, Winter Park FL
Ron Burkitt, PCI #488, City of Hilliard Police Department, Hilliard OH
Chris Davala, PCI #490/EMSCI #056, Maryland State Police, Berlin MD
Bob DeLaurentiis, PCI #462, Univ. of Penn. Police Dept., Philadelphia PA
Steve Denny, EMSCI #040, Williamson EMS, Franklin TN
Doug Dillon, PCI #492, Houston Police Dept., Houston TX
Rob Earick, PCI #363, Puyallup Police Dept., Puyallup WA
Kurt Feavel, PCI #539, University of Wisconsin @ Madison, Madison WI
Ashley Foster, PCI #356, MUSC Public Safety, Charleston SC
Dan Ganzel, PCI #097, Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, W. Palm Beach FL
Nick Gatlin, EMSCI #036, Williamson Medical Center EMS, Franklin TN
Mike Goetz, PCI #063T/EMSCI #003T, Seattle Police Department, Seattle WA
Artie Gonzales, PCI #141, Topeka Police Department, Topeka KS
Lou Ann Hamblin, PCI #306/EMSCI #062, Van Buren Township Police Dept., Belleville MI
John Hanke, PCI #424, Joliet Police Dept., Joliet IL
David Hildebrand, PCI #404, Denton Police Department, Denton TX
Bernard Hogancamp, PCI #498, Homewood Police Department, Homewood IL
Mike Johnston, PCI #107, University of Utah Police, Salt Lake City UT
Ian MacAyeal, PCI #592/EMSCI #146, Aspen Police Department, Aspen CO
Monte May, PCI #262T/EMSCI #009T, Kansas City Police Department, Kansas City MO
Gary McLaughlin, PCI #005T, Sacramento Police Department, Sacramento CA
Steve Noftz, PCI #593, Ohio University P.D., Athens OH
Phil Redford, PCI #447/EMSCI #065, Wheeling Police Department, Wheeling WV
Donald Reed, PCI #195T/EMSCI #038T, Denver Police Department, Denver CO
Robert Ricciardi, PCI #282T/EMSCI #078T, Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office, W. Palm Beach FL
T.J. Richardson, PCI #139T/EMSCI #010T, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio TX
Jim Roy, PCI #175, Topeka Police Department, Topeka KS
Al Simpson, PCI #165T/EMSCI #005T, Pompano Beach P.D. (ret), Pompano Beach FL
Charlie Summers, PCI #512, Illinois State U. Police Dept., Normal IL
Tom Tanner, PCI #232/EMSCI #088, Ann Arbor Police Department, Ann Arbor MI
Michael Trout, PCI #515, Ohio University Police Department, Athens OH
Mitch Trujillo, PCI #244T, Boulder Police Department, Boulder CO
Kathleen Vonk, PCI #042/EMSCI #063, Ann Arbor Police Department, Ann Arbor MI
John Washington, PCI #461/EMSCI #037, Univ. of Penn. Police Dept., Philadelphia PA
Mike Wear, PCI #516/EMSCI #059, Metropolitan Police Dept., Washington DC
James Whited, PCI #393/EMSCI #048, Oklahoma University Police Dept., Norman OK
Gene Williams, Jr., EMSCI #072/PCI #597, Cypress Creek EMS/Hempstead P.D., Houston TX
Tom Woods, PCI #010T/EMSCI #117T, Denton Police Department, Denton TX
Jeffrey Youngsma, EMSCI #073, Fremont Fire Dept., Fremont CA

Guest Presenters

Tim Baldwin, MassBike, Brookline MA
Michael Breitenstein, NIOSH, Cincinnati OH
Paul Burke, Nat'l Assn. for Search & Rescue, Carson City NV
Kathleen Connell, Yale Med School, Dept. of OB/GYN, New Haven CT
Kenneth Gardner, Tyler Police Dept., Tyler TX
Josh Green, Tyler Police Dept., Tyler TX
Marsha Guess, Montefiore Medical Ctr, Dept of OB/GYN, Bronx NY
Al Jones, Tri-State Regional Community Policing Institute, Cincinnati OH
Rich Kendall, Street Training Consulting Group, Wakefield MA
Nancy Kolb, Int’l Assn. of Chiefs of Police, Alexandria VA
Jeff Noftz, Medical College of Ohio Dept. of Orthopedics, Toledo OH
Jason Ogle, S.T.O.R.M. Mountain Bike Patrol Unit, San Antonio TX
Michelle Price, UT Health Science Center, San Antonio TX
Dennis Rosenberry, San Antonio Police Dept., San Antonio TX
Michael Satlow, Jerusalem District Police Dept., Jerusalem Israel
Ricky Schorlemer, San Antonio Police Dept., San Antonio TX
Steven Schrader, NIOSH, Cincinnati OH
Tim Schurr, United Bicycle Institute, Ashland OR
Dr. Bill Spelman, Texas Institute for Public Problem Solving, Austin TX
Bill Strawn, Texas Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Section, Austin TX
Nigel Tottie, N. Yorkshire Police, York England
Chris Washburn, WaveCrest Labs, Dulles VA.

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