2003 IPMBA Conference Vendors and Supporters

Many thanks to the vendors and other supporters who helped ensure the success of the IPMBA Conference.  We encourage you to show your loyalty to these companies for the invaluable products and services they provide to give you a safer, more comfortable ride.  Special thanks to those who contributed prizes and showed their support through sponsorships and in other ways.  We look forward to seeing them again next year in San Antonio, Texas, USA. 


ACE Adventure Center
Richie Small
Telephone:  888-223-7238; Fax:  304-465-1692
Email:  ace@aceraft.com;  Website:  http://www.aceraft.com
Product/Service:  Adventure vacations

Alerte Systems, Inc.
Gary Cason
Telephone:  800-728-1536; Fax:  800-635-1536
Email:  alerte@frii.com; Website:  http://www.alertesystems.com
Product/Service:  Strobe & LED warning lights

Bell Sports, Inc.
Kathy Hoffmann
Telephone:  800-494-4543 x 260;  Fax:  217-893-9333
Email:  khoffmann@bellsports.com
Website:  http://www.bellsports.com
Product/Service:  Bicycle helmets; Safe Kids Campaign

Bound Tree Medical, LLC
Greg Garrison
Telephone:  800-533-0523; Fax:  800-257-5713
Email:  info@boundtree.com; Website:  http://www.boundtree.com
Product/Service:  Emergency medical products and services

Sally Swanson
Telephone:  253-471-1901; Fax:  253-471-2046
Email:  sally@bratwear.com; Website:  http://www.bratwear.com
Product/Service:  Bike uniforms

Chiba Sports
Gregg Moran
Telephone:  813-855-3400; Fax:  813-818-7500
Email:  chibasports@aol.com; Website:  http://www.chibasports.com
Product/Service:  Law enforcement and sports gloves

Cycle Source Group (Smith & Wesson)
Peter Carey
Telephone:  631-205-1430; Fax:  631-205-1435
Email:  peterc@cyclesg.com
Website:  http://www.cyclesourcegroup.com
Product/Service:  Smith & Wesson public safety bicycles & accessories

Electric Vehicle Technologies, Inc.
Ed Lee
Telephone:  847-673-8330; Fax:  847-673-1827
Email:  elee@evtworld.com; Website:  http://www.evtworld.com
Product/Service:  Electric police and EMS bikes

Ergo, LLC
Thomas White
Telephone:  425-333-6161; Fax:  425-333-6355
Email:  daedalus@nwlink.com
Website:  http://www.ergotheseat.com
Product/Service:  Ergonomic bicycle seats

Fuji Bikes/Advanced Sports
Kevin Moran
Telephone:  800-631-8474; Fax:  201-337-1762
Email:  info@fujibikes.com; Website:  http://www.fujibikes.com
Product/Service:  Bicycles & accessories

Golden West Communications
Jim Walker
Telephone:  800-967-8124; Fax:  509-457-6748
Email:  gwcsales@goldenwestcom.com
Website:  http://www.goldenwestcom.com
Product/Service:  The Bicycle Communications System (BCS) radio accessory

J & B Importers
Lisa Humphries
Telephone:  800-666-5000; Fax:  800-666-5003
Email:  lhumphries@jbimporters.com
Website:  http://www.jbimporters.com
Product/Service:  Bicycles, accessories, parts, & tools

Medical Research Laboratories/MRL
Adrian Alvarez
Telephone:  800-462-0777; Fax:  847-520-0303
Email:  aalvarez@mrlinc.com
Website:  http://www.mrlinc.com
Product/Service:  Defibrillators and monitors

Michael's of Oregon
Robert Gates
Telephone:  503-655-7964; Fax:  503-722-5701
Email: info@unclemikes.com
Website:  http://www.unclemikes.com
Product/Service:  Sidekick professional holsters, belts,
& accessories

Bill Levitt
Telephone:  949-646-1701; Fax:  949-646-1590
Email:  moceanbl@aol.com
Website:  http://www.mocean.net
Product/Service:  Technical Law Enforcement Uniforms

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Michael Breitenstein
Telephone:  513-533-8290; Fax:  513-533-8198
Email:  mjb1@cdc.gov
Website:  http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/homepage.html
Product/Service:  Workplace safety & health information and research

Olympic Uniforms/J. Marcel
Julie Cruise
Telephone:  888-722-9222; Fax:  206-722-1521
Email:  reps@olyuniforms.com
Website:  http://www.olyuniforms.com
Product/Service:  Bike uniforms

Patrol Bike Systems, Inc.
Mark Eumurian
Telephone:  800-208-2032/651-773-8763; Fax:  651-773-8762
Email:  patrolbike@earthlink.net
Website:  http://www.patrolbike.com/www.ebiketools.com
Product/Service:  Bicycles, equipment, clothing, etc.

Patrol Cycle, LLC
Barrie Gorton
Telephone:  886-4-2676-1611; Fax:  886-4-2676-1611
Email:  kingg@cm1.hinet.net
Website:  http://www.patrolcycle.com
Product/Service:  Cycling shoes for public safety

Patrol Cycles LLC
Larry Parker
Telephone:  713-472-0894; Fax:  713-472-8643
Email:  sales@patrolcycles.com
Website:  http://www.patrolcycles.com
Product/Service:  Custom law enforcement bicycles

TIDALFORCE/Wavecrest Laboratories
Heather O'Donnell
Telephone:  703-435-7102; Fax:  703-435-7103
Email:  sales@tidalforce.com
Website:  http://www.tidalforce.com
Product/Service:  TIDALFORCE electric bikes

Trek Bicycle Corporation
Jason Schumacher
Telephone:  800-313-8735 x 4911; Fax:  920-478-2607
Email:  police@trekbike.com
Website:  http://www.trekbikes.com
Product/Service:  Public safety bicycles and accessories

United Uniform
Kami Zinati
Telephone:  213-746-8000; Fax:  213-748-2010
Email:  kami@uumfg.com
Website:  http://www.uumfg.com
Product/Service: Bicycle uniforms


Cop Pedalers
Telephone:  773-792-8436
Fax:  773-792-8436
Website:  http://www.coppedalers.com

EMS Magazine
Telephone:  818-786-4EMS/800-224-4EMS
Fax:  818-786-9246
Website:  http://www.emsmagazine.com

Finish Line
Telephone:  805-929-1478
Fax:  805-929-2736
Website:  http://www.finishlineusa.com

J.L. Darling Corp.
Telephone:  253-922-5000
Fax:  253-922-5300
Website:  http://www.riteintherain.com

JEMS Communications
Telephone:  800-266-JEMS
Fax:  619-699-6722
Website:  http://www.jems.com

John E. Reid & Associates
Telephone:  800-275-4915
Fax:  773-594-0059
Website:  http://www.reid.com

Kryptonite Corporation
Telephone:  781-828-6655
Website:  http://www.kryptonitelock.com

Law & Order Magazine
Telephone:  847-444-3300
Website:  http://www.hendonpub.com

Law Enforcement Product News
Telephone:  800-291-3911
Website:  http://www.law-enforcement.com

Muscle Products Corp.
Telephone:  800-227-7049
Fax:  724-283-8310
Website:  http://www.voodew.com

Police Magazine
Telephone:  480-367-1101
Fax:  480-367-1102
Website:  http://www.policemag.com

R&B Fabrications
Telephone:   419-594-2743/800-553-1911
Fax:  419-594-2250/800-742-5345
Website:  http://www.rbfab.com

Rubel BikeMaps
Telephone:  617-776-6567
Website:  http://www.bikemaps.com

Telephone:  450-581-5999
Fax:  450-581-0231
Website:  http://www.simunition.com

Terry Precision Cycling
Telephone:  800-289-8379
Fax:  315-986-2104
Website:  http://www.terrybicycles.com

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