IPMBA Training

Host a Police-EMS-Security Cyclist Course

Arrangements to host an IPMBA Police, EMS, or Security Cyclist Course should be made directly with an individual instructor.   For information on hosting an Instructor Course, visit the FAQs

To contact instructors in your area directly, use the online instructor search on this page.

To request that a request for proposals be sent out to IPMBA's instructor networks, please email the following information to info@ipmba.org:

  • Your name
  • Your department/agency name
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • The type of course you would like to host (Police, EMS, or Security; if police or armed security, indicate whether or not you want an option for firearms training)
  • The number of students you would like trained (maximum 10 per instructor)
  • The time frame in which you would like to hold the course
  • Any other specific information you require

Facility Requirements

Meeting Space Checklist
  • One large classroom (capacity: 12-15, schoolroom seating) – must be roughly square, no pillars or other obstacles, suitable acoustics, lighting, ventilation, and temperature control.  Must have flexible seating in order to set the room in various configurations (schoolroom, hollow square, theatre, etc.) 
  • Secure bicycle storage area easily accessible to classrooms (such as an adjacent classroom). 
On-Bike Training Area Checklist
  • Parking lot or other open space area with limited automobile access for cone course (min.100 yds x 100 yds)
  • Large, level grassy area
  • Training locations to include:
  • Stairs:  2-3 for ascents, 6-8 for descents, with 10-12 ft run-out room (pallets can be used if necessary)
  • Curbs of varying heights
  • Parking blocks and other urban obstacles
  • 10-12 mile road ride route with varied obstacles, hazards, road facilities, traffic situations
  • 8-10 mile night ride route with varied obstacles, grades, terrain, surfaces, lighting, traffic situations
  • Rain location for on-bike training, such as a parking ramp (strongly recommended for the comfort and well-being of students and instructor)  
  • Secure location for scenarios
AV Needs Checklist
  • Large projection screen, preferably mounted on wall at front of classroom
  • Flip chart with easel, pads, & markers
  • Whiteboard with markers OR chalkboard with chalk
  • Computer projection equipment for PowerPoint and DVDs
  • Speakers
  • Access to photocopier
Equipment Needs Checklist
  • 125 traffic cones for cone course
  • 6-10 sturdy pallets in excellent condition (if suitable stairs are not available)
  • 10 sponges, mini-cones, or tennis balls cut in half
  • 25-ft tape measure
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • 2 floor pumps or 1 air compressor
  • 4 DT mats or 5-6 foldable exercise mats
  • 1000cc expired IV bags (10 per student) or other weights (e.g., one-litre bottles filled with sand - not sandbags) to equal 30 lbs per EMS student
  • Communications (radios or cell phones) between instructors and host coordinator
  • Water, first aid kits, and restroom facilities at all remote training locations (cone course, off-road course, etc.)
  • Training/caution signs/tape as needed
Scenarios Needs Checklist


  • Terry Stop: limited access park; backpack or bag
  • Traffic Stop: controlled access road; motor vehicle
  • EDP: limited access park
  • Burglary: limited access park, motor vehicle or building as break-in target; burglary tools
  • Armed Felon:  limited access park, 2 training guns


  • Chest Pain: limited access parking lot or street; 2-3 role players if possible
  • Minor Trauma Logistics: park with limited access; material for improvising split (board, pallet pieces, etc.)
  • Minor Trauma Hostile Scene: limited access park, 2-3 role players if possible
  • Moulage kit if possible


  • Disturbance/Shoplifting: limited access park; small item of suspected stolen merchandise
  • Witnessed Assault:  limited access park
  • Suspicious Party:  limited access park, bottle wrapped in brown paper, cup for collecting change.
Other Needs Checklist
  • On-site coordinator  (instructor will provide course syllabus to coordinator in advance) 
  • 1-2 local cyclists as ride escorts (usually one per 10 students; preferably not students in the class; must be familiar with area)
  • Personnel to assist with cone course set-up, etc. (as necessary)
  • Security for bicycles (as necessary)
  • Transportation to/from host site/training locations (as necessary)
  • Parking permits for students and instructors (as necessary)
  • Bike shop on call to handle emergency repairs. 
  • Access to restaurants and/or cafeteria for lunches and the night ride dinner – quick, nutritious, and reasonably priced.  Students and instructors are on their own for meals.  It is helpful to provide a list of nearby options and/or pre-select restaurants and alert the owner that a large group requiring quick service will be arriving. 

Student Requirements

Duty Bicycle
  • Reputable manufacturer mountain bike in good working order, properly fitted
  • Street/combination tires (size 26-29 x 1.5 - 26-29 x 2.1; no knobbies)
  • Pedal retention devices (BMX-style platform pedals are not acceptable)
  • At least one water bottle cage & bottle
  • On-body hydration delivery system (recommended)
  • Headlight (42 lumens at 10 feet)
  • L.E.D. steady or flashing red taillight
  • Rear mount kick stand
  • Rear rack with full size rack bag
  • Off-road tires (if the class will ride off-road)
  • Derailleur guard (strongly recommended)
  • Patch kit
  • Tire levers
  • Two spare tubes
  • Compact tire pump or CO2
Safety Equipment
  • Eye protection – wraparound, clear and tinted
  • Bicycle helmet (ANSI, Snell or CPSC approved)
  • Padded cycling gloves
  • Body armor protective vest (if worn on duty)
  • Full duty uniform
  • Shirt
  • Shorts/Pants
  • Shoes
  • Padded cycling shorts (strongly recommended)
  • Foul weather gear (jacket, pants)
  • Off-road riding clothes (if the class will ride off-road)
Duty Gear
  • Full Duty Gear (as carried on regular patrol duty)
  • EMS Panniers and Rear Rack
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Notebook
  • Sunscreen